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Holzapfel, McGuckin & Wolfe Opposed Democrats’ Pork-Filled Budget

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Trenton Democrats Priorities: Cut Millions in Brick & Toms River School Aid, Spend Millions More on Wasteful Programs

Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and Dave Wolfe opposed a State Budget put forward by Democrats in the Legislature that cuts millions in aid to schools in Brick and Toms River while funding tens of millions of unnecessary pork projects.

Holzapfel, McGuckin & Wolfe opposed a State Budget that cuts millions in aid to schools in Brick and Toms River while funding tens of millions of unnecessary pork projects. (

The legislators highlighted the misplaced priorities of the Democrats’ budget plan that will force local Ocean County schools to lay-off teachers and eliminate after school programs.

“Democrats in the Legislature took a bad budget proposal put forward by Governor Murphy and made it worse by adding at least $60 million of unjustifiable spending,” said Senator Holzapfel. “Instead of funding our schools fairly, they’ve decided to cut aid from our classrooms and redirect it into pork projects in their districts. It says a lot about the priorities of Trenton Democrats that they’re choosing to fund wasteful programs over our children.”

The budget adopted by the Senate and General Assembly includes more than $60 million of legislative add-ons to the budget initially proposed by Governor Murphy in March. Some of the items they have chosen to add include:

  • $4 million for Turtle Back Zoo;
  • $3 million for an Irvington camp;
  • $250,000 for a Newark mayor’s initiative to have ex-convicts and former gang leaders mentor youth on conflict resolution and reducing violence;
  • $4 million for urban park grants;
  • $3.1 million undocumented legal aid; and

“Republicans have repeatedly provided common-sense solutions to make New Jersey more affordable and properly fund our schools,” said Assemblyman McGuckin. “In contrast, Trenton Democrats are diverting millions for urban camps, programs for ex-cons and gang leaders and legal aid for undocumented immigrants. Some of these things might be understandable if we were flush with money, but they don’t make any sense if we have to fire school teachers and sacrifice the quality of education in our classrooms to pay for them.”

Under both Governor Murphy’s original budget plan and that adopted by legislative Democrats, school districts within the 10th Legislative District will lose over $5.5 million in State aid next year. The biggest cuts will come at the expense of the Brick and Toms River school districts, which will lose more than $2.7 million each. In total, schools in the 10th District will lose 4.5 percent of their State aid under the Democrats’ budget plan.

“Trenton Democrats have advanced a lavish spending plan without any concern for our property taxpayers or our schoolchildren,” added Assemblyman Wolfe. “I could not support a budget that values partisan pork over our children’s education.”

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