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Holzapfel, McGuckin & Wolfe Blast Impact of Governor’s Immigration Directive on Ocean County Jails

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Senator Jim Holzapfel and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and Dave Wolfe of the 10th Legislative District are speaking out against Governor Murphy’s directive forcing jails in the state to reduce their cooperation with federal immigration authorities. The legislators blasted it as yet another step in the Governor’s quest to turn New Jersey into a sanctuary state.

District 10 lawmakers speak out against Gov. Murphy’s directive forcing jails in the state to reduce their cooperation with federal immigration authorities. (Flickr)

“Governor Murphy’s directive will prevent our jails from working with ICE to deport known criminals who are already in custody,” said Senator Holzapfel. “It’s an outrageous and dangerous political statement that jeopardizes the safety of millions of New Jersey residents. We shouldn’t allow the Governor to create a sanctuary for criminals in our state.”

As a result of the Governor’s directive, Ocean County jails are required to limit U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) access to internal networks to match inmates and wanted immigrants sought after by ICE.

The so-called “Immigrant Trust Directive” was established by the Murphy Administration to counter the aggressive immigration policies of President Donald Trump.

According to New Jersey Attorney General Attorney Gurbir Grewal, the directive is meant to enhance public safety by building trust with the immigrant community.

“If the Attorney General’s goal is improve public safety, it seems counter-intuitive to make it more difficult for the federal government to locate criminals who have broken the law to pursue deportation,” said McGuckin. “It’s all part of Governor Murphy’s agenda to turn New Jersey into the California of the East Coast, without any regard for our constituents. In case the Governor hasn’t noticed, it’s not working so well in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, where many neighborhoods have become tent cities.”

Prior to the directive, Ocean County jails were visited frequently by ICE agents looking to cross reference the identities of inmates with wanted immigrants in their database. Under the new directive, agents are only allowed to access a database that is available to all members of the general public. Additionally, county jails now will only hold an inmate sought by ICE if the federal agency has a warrant for his or her arrest.

“We cannot stand by and watch as New Jersey morphs into a state where illegal immigrants can get college tuition assistance, taxpayer-funded legal aid, driver’s licenses, and many other perks promised by Governor Murphy,” said Wolfe. “Meanwhile, regular law-abiding, taxpaying families are stuck with the tab for the Governor’s liberal agenda again and again. Our families in Ocean County simply can’t afford it.”

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