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Senator Kristin Corrado

Senator Kristin Corrado

NOW LAW: Corrado Legislation Safeguards Students with Special Needs

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Kristin Corrado (R-Bergen, Essex, Morris, Passaic) addressing issues involving the restraint of students with disabilities was signed into law.  S-1163 provides that physical restraint is only used in an emergency in which a student places themselves or others in immediate physical danger.

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Kristin Corrado safeguarding the needs of students with special needs was signed into law. (Pixabay)

“Safety is our number one priority when it comes to caring for students with special needs,” said Senator Corrado. “This law allows us to be both compassionate and practical while prioritizing the well-being of students and teachers in the classroom.”

The legislation prohibits the use of the prone restraint technique unless it is authorized by the student’s primary care doctor. Further, the law requires that if physical restraint has been used on a student, the parent or guardians must be notified immediately. Any staff involved in the physical restraint of students would be required to receive annual training.

The law provides that whenever physical restraint or seclusion techniques are used, each incident must be visually monitored, documented, and attempts must be made to minimize the use of these measures.

“This law protects a special needs child from potential harm and safeguards fellow classmates and teachers in a difficult situation,” said Senator Corrado. “We worked together with schools, parents, and doctors to craft this legislation to ensure the safest possible outcome for all.”

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