New Jersey's 40th Legislative District

Senator Kristin Corrado

Senator Kristin Corrado

Corrado/Sweeney Bill Would Protect Against ‘Lottery Curse’

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Senate Approves Measure Allowing Anonymity for Lottery Winners

The Senate today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Kristin Corrado and Senate President Steve Sweeney that would allow lottery winners to remain anonymous as a means of protecting them against the “Lottery curse,” when winners are targeted with unwanted solicitations, harassment and even assaults.

Sen. Kristin Corrado’s and Sen. Pres. Sweeney’s legislation that would allow lottery winners to remain anonymous has passed the Senate. (

“Imagine ‘winning it big’ then having your name, town, and prize money amount broadcasted for the whole world to see,” said Senator Kristin Corrado (R- Bergen, Essex, Morris and Passaic). “The unintended consequences can wreak havoc on the lives of the lucky few who win. Some winners report unending bombardments of harassment and death threats, with many unfortunately winding up broke or dead. This legislation will let New Jersey Lottery winners enjoy their good fortune in peace.”

The bill, S-2267, would direct the State Lottery Commission to allow lottery winners in New Jersey to remain anonymous if they choose.

“Winning the Lottery can be a dream come true for those who are lucky, but the so-called ‘lottery curse’ can attract harassment that can be intimidating and even dangerous,” said Senator Sweeney. “The winners should have the option of remaining anonymous if they want to stay out of the limelight and away from unwanted attention.”

Many of the lottery curse victims suffered from the fame that came with their jackpot wins, being hounded, robbed or attacked for their money. Some winners in other states have experienced bomb threats or frivolous lawsuits from people hoping to profit from a settlement. There have even been cases of murder linked to Lottery winners.

The bill would direct the State Lottery Commission to provide by regulation that lottery winners could remain anonymous indefinitely and would also provide an exemption from Open Public Records Act disclosures.

The bill was approved with a unanimous vote of 38-0.

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