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Senator Gerald Cardinale

Senator Gerald Cardinale

Cardinale Responds to Democrats’ Attempt to Block Gov. Christie’s Gun Law Reforms

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Senator Gerarld Cardinale (R-Bergen, Passaic) expressed his strong opposition to the Democratic proposal to block Gov. Chris Christie’s common-sense changes to New Jersey’s gun laws, calling the resolution a misguided measure that would put countless New Jerseyans at risk of serious harm.

Sen. Gerald Cardinale responded to a Democratic proposal to block Gov. Chris Christie’s gun law reforms. (©iStock)

“National statistics show that when a state chooses to become a ‘shall issue’ state, violent crime goes down,” Senator Cardinale said. “Blocking the Governor’s proposed regulations will discourage victims facing serious threats from applying for the permits they desperately need while allowing criminals to continue operating knowing that their victims won’t be able to defend themselves.”

Cardinale, who recently announced plans to introduce legislation to expand carry permits to all lawful state residents, also responded to Sen. Weinberg and Asm. Greenwald’s egregious statements regarding the death of Carole Bowne. Cardinale stated he believes that without Gov. Christie’s proposed reforms, victims of domestic violence like Carol Bowne will be forced to face violent threats without the means to protect themselves and their families.

“My Democratic colleagues need to understand that our strict gun laws do nothing to protect victims like Carol Bowne,” Senator Cardinale said. “The justifiable need requirement makes it is virtually impossible for normal people in this state to get a permit to carry a firearm. When a government denies its citizens’ right to defend themselves, it’s putting the protection of criminals and terrorists ahead of the protection of victims.”

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