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Senator Gerald Cardinale

Senator Gerald Cardinale

Cardinale Introduces Legislation to Give Drivers Option of Self or Full-Service at NJ Gas Stations

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Senator Gerald Cardinale announced the introduction of bipartisan legislation to allow motorists to choose to pump their own gas.

New Jersey motorists would be permitted to pump their own gas under bipartisan legislation introduced by Sen. Gerry Cardinale. (Flickr)

Under Senate Bill 2944, New Jersey gas stations would allow voluntary self-service but be required to retain at least one full-service island for the next three years as well as provisions for serving those unable to pump their own gas. Gas stations would be allowed to discount the price of self-service gas but would have to provide full-service at the same cost for those with disabilities. The bill is also sponsored by Senator Paul Sarlo (D-Bergen).

“There’s no reason that those who want to pump their own gas shouldn’t be allowed to do so,” said Cardinale (R-Bergen, Passaic). “This measure will give motorists the convenience of choosing to fill their own tanks while making sure attendants continue to provide full-service to those with disabilities. Filling your tank is now far safer then when New Jersey’s ban on self-service was enacted but it’s also far more costly. Allowing the option of self-service will reduce costs for stations and motorists alike.”

“We shouldn’t penalize drivers for pumping their own gas, which is allowed in nearly every other state. If a customer doesn’t want to wait for an attendant, they should have the option of filling their tank themselves,” said Sarlo (D-Bergen). “This bill would remove the $500 penalty for pumping your own gas and allow consumers to choose self-service at a discounted price. It would not only create more options at the pump, but would likely result in more gas stations being open and available to drivers in the evenings when they are often looking to fill up”

Senators Sarlo and Cardinale noted that the legislation is supported by the New Jersey Gasoline, C-Store, Automotive Association. (NJGCA was formerly known as the New Jersey Gasoline Retailers Association.)

“NJGCA supports the efforts of Senators Sarlo and Cardinale because too often we hear from members that their customers don’t like waiting to gas up,” said Sal Risalvato, Executive Director of NJGCA. “Many motorists would like to pull up to an empty pump and fill the tank themselves. This legislation will allow them to have the convenience of filling up and leaving without delay, or having an attendant pump the gas if they choose. Motorists will enjoy saving on every tankful when they pump their own gas. It is time for New Jersey to allow motorists the same savings and convenience that 48 other states allow.”

If legislation currently being considered in Oregon is signed into law, New Jersey would be the only state in the nation to prohibit self-service.

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