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Senator Anthony M. Bucco

Senator Anthony M. Bucco

Statement from Senator Bucco and Assemblywoman Dunn on Peaceful Protests

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Senator Anthony M. Bucco and Assemblywoman Aura Dunn released the following statement in support of peaceful protests and remark on the inappropriateness of Governor Murphy breaking his own social distancing executive orders while penalizing others:

Sen. Anthony M. Bucco & Aswm. Aura Dunn released the following statement in support of peaceful protests and remark on the inappropriateness of Gov. Murphy breaking his own social distancing executive orders while penalizing others. (

Senator Anthony Bucco:

“The killing of George Floyd was unjustified and inexcusable. I share the pain, sadness, and anger felt by so many here in Morris County and across the country. I side with those who peacefully protest to bring about positive change in our society. America has always been a place where people of different backgrounds, races, and religions can come together to form a more perfect union, but it is not without challenges. While I stand with the peaceful protesters, I do not condone any of the criminal activity that has resulted in looting, property damage, and even death in some horrible cases. Criminal activity detracts from the message of peaceful protesters.

“While we understand and support the need for peaceful protests, it astounds us that the Governor continues to pick and choose which parts of his Executive Orders he enforces. While he marched shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of people yesterday across New Jersey, a business owner in our district who protested the Governor’s reopening policies last week received summonses from the State of New Jersey with fines up to $2,000 and the potential for one-year imprisonment for violating the Governor’s Executive Order. This is outrageous and we trust that the prosecutor will understand the hypocrisy of this and dismiss the complaints. It is time to stop picking winners and losers and allow for the commonsense and safe reopening of all businesses who have now been closed for nearly one quarter of the year. This is a debate about fairness, it’s about people’s lives, and it’s about everyone’s constitutional right to protest, regardless of the message, even when it’s directed at the Governor.”

Assemblywoman Aura Dunn:

“I openly condemn the appalling actions of the officer in Minnesota and those who stood by. My heart and conscience hang heavy in a search for answers. By standing together, we will ensure George Floyd’s death is not in vain as we strive toward a just society and an end to a culture of violence and racism. I take my responsibility as a legislator very seriously and believe the public trust bestowed on me must be treated as sacred. Leadership by example. When an elected official, such as our Governor, exhibits the ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ edict as he did this weekend, we should all be outraged.

“Clearly, while businesses are penalized with crushing fines and threats of imprisonment for holding a commonsense rally against the Governor’s policies, he ignores his own standards when it’s in his political interest to do so. That is fundamentally unfair and likely unconstitutional. We urge a swift dismissal of the summons issued to the business owner in our district, and any business that has held similar protests urging this Administration to reopen doors safely so businesses can survive, people can get back to their jobs, and we can reduce unemployment in this state.”

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