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Senator Anthony Bucco

Senator Anthony Bucco

On ‘Made in NJ Day,’ Bucco Unveils 5th Phase of New Senate Republican Jobs Package

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As “Made in New Jersey Day” was celebrated in the State House, Senate Republican Budget Officer Anthony Bucco unveiled the fifth phase of the Senate Republicans’ new jobs package. This phase includes seven bills centered on “Reducing Burdensome Regulations.”

As New Jersey manufacturers visited the State House to take part in “Made in New Jersey Day,” Sen. Anthony Bucco unveiled bills to “Reduce Burdensome Regulations” as part of the Senate Republicans’ new jobs package on March 26, 2015. (

“As a small business owner and a state Senate leader, I’ve been on both sides of the conversations on ‘Made in New Jersey Day,’ and I understand how important this collaborative event is for our economy, job market and workforce,” Bucco said. “I’ve spoken with too many entrepreneurs and employers who need onerous regulations reduced in order to start and grow their operations here, and I will continue to share their concerns and needs with fellow leaders and governors in Trenton.

“If we really want steady job growth here, we need to get government and bureaucracy out of the way. We need to enact legislation, for example, to prohibit a patchwork of local labor burdens, improve cumbersome permitting processes and develop helpful government-to-business communication practices and partnerships.”

Here is a briefing of the seven “Reducing Burdensome Regulations” bills announced today by Senator Bucco:

  • Prohibits conflicting, redundant, confusing and costly local labor, hiring and payroll mandates. This bill will ease some of the burdensome regulations that drive employers away from New Jersey and stymie job growth, by ensuring that state statutes are the standard for human resource policies in all communities. (S-2865, sponsored by Senate Republicans Steven Oroho and Anthony Bucco).
  • Reduces redundancies, over-regulation and onerous fees in local storm water permit processes, without weakening environmental safeguards in order to allow employers to spend more time and resources growing and operating. (S-2834, sponsored by Senator Bucco).
  • Cuts red tape to get projects going faster and done cheaper by streamlining and expediting the permit process; Directs state agencies to consolidate to general permitting and to offer online permitting processes whenever possible. (S-360, sponsored by Senator Oroho).
    Creates a task force with the end goal of digitizing state permits, licenses, approvals, grants and permits and to determine how much government savings can result from such streamlining; Also creates an ombudsman to participate on the task force and oversee any approvals needed for major projects to ensure that they move forward and create jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. (S-2859, sponsored by Senate Republican Kevin O’Toole).
  • Eliminates duplicative, conflicting and otherwise burdensome state regulations that increase costs, delay projects, and stall or jeopardize job creation by revising the “Administrative Procedure Act.” (S-1736, sponsored by Senator Oroho).
  • Helps entrepreneurs and businesses owners understand the best approach to obtaining state grants that can help them start, grow or expand here, by requiring that any denial of grant by New Jersey Economic Development Authority or other State agency includes a critique of how applicant business falls short of requirements and standards. (S-2839, sponsored by Senate Republican Diane Allen).
  • Helps small businesses operate and grow here by rolling back cumbersome regulations and allowing small business owners to have input in the rule-making process of state agencies. (S-2836, sponsored by Senator Bucco).

The Senate Republicans’ new six-phase jobs bill package will not cost taxpayers extra money and is quickly garnering bipartisan support and passage. Here are links to information about the four phases of the new jobs bill package that have already been unveiled:

In the coming weeks, the media will be advised as Senate Republicans continue to tour the state to help grow the economy and create opportunities for people, by unveiling more new legislation in the final phase of the new jobs bill package:

  • Enhancing Tourism & Agriculture

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans continue to push other cost-cutting solutions to lower nation-high property taxes; simplify and reduce this state’s income tax structure; and make government more efficient and less burdensome.

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