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Senator Anthony M. Bucco

Senator Anthony M. Bucco

Bucco & Bramnick Offer Solutions to Long MVC Lines that Murphy Can Implement Immediately

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Senator Anthony M. Bucco and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick offered a series of concrete solutions that Governor Phil Murphy could implement immediately to help remedy the chaos that has followed the Motor Vehicle Commission’s disastrous reopening.

Long lines at the Randolph MVC following it’s reopening after months of being closed due to COVID-19. Similar scenes are occurring at MVC agencies across New Jersey. (

“More than two months ago, I asked for the MVC’s plan to reopen smoothly and they never responded,” said Bucco (R-25). “It’s clear they never developed an effective reopening plan, which has forced New Jersey drivers to wait in extremely long lines all day, overnight, and in sweltering heat in the hopes of getting the service they deserve. Despite what the governor has suggested, this isn’t the fault of New Jerseyans who have waited patiently for four months to obtain services that the MVC does not offer online. It’s clear more needs to be done, which is why Leader Bramnick and I are proposing concrete solutions that would offer immediate relief for drivers and reduce the urgent need to visit MVC agencies that have been overwhelmed.”

“Making people stand outside in the heat for seven hours or more in the middle of a pandemic is absolutely a disgrace,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “People are rightly outraged at the MVC reopening and Governor Murphy should take immediate action with the solutions we have proposed.”

Lines of people stretched for blocks waiting for service at the Springfield MVC following its reopening. (Jon Bramnick/Twitter)

Bucco and Bramnick urged the Governor to take the following steps immediately to reduce the volume at MVC agencies to manageable levels:

  • issue a 90-day moratorium on all motor vehicle regulation enforcement;
  • open agencies seven days a week for 12 hours each day;
  • serve people based on the first letter of their last name or some other distinction on different days;
  • allow for permits to be issued online for those who have completed driver education courses;
  • allow for those who are seeking a probationary license to continue driving temporarily with their permit;
  • allow for those seeking to convert a probationary license to a basic driver’s license to do so online; and
  • establish proper social distancing measures outside MVC agencies.

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