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Senator Chris Brown

Senator Chris Brown

Brown Bill to Assist Middle-Class Families with Student Loan Debt Now Law

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A bipartisan bill (S-1149) sponsored by State Senator Chris Brown to help middle-class families with student loan debt is now law.

“The core of the American dream is every parent’s hope to see their children do better than they did, and college is the path to making that dream a reality,” Brown said. “However, the cost of college and the fear of being straddled with debt has led many middle-class families to see college as a mirage, not a dream.”

“With the cost of college skyrocketing over the last decade, now more than ever eager students and their families need to be aware of the costs of paying for college so they are not blindsided by their loan payments or taken advantage of by unscrupulous loan producers,” said Brown.

Brown’s law establishes an Office of Student Loan Ombudsman to help educate families about student loans and borrowing; advocates on behalf of student loan borrowers in resolving disputes; and protects borrowers from loan services producers who may be defrauding or misleading borrowers.

“Despite studies showing individuals with a college degree generally will have higher lifetime earnings than those who do not, the expenses of tuition, books, and housing and the prospect of taking on unbearable student loan debt is deterring many of our best and brightest students from going to college,” said Brown. “Today, we’ve made it a little easier for middle-class families to afford a college degree.”

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