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Senator Dawn Addiego

Now Law: Addiego Bill to Protect Consumer Information and Privacy

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Dawn Addiego (R-Atlantic, Burlington, Camden) to protect the privacy of consumers by restricting the collection of their personal information is now law after it was signed by Governor Chris Christie.

Sen. Dawn Addiego’s legislation to protect consumers from retail cyber hacks is now law. (©iStock)

“It seems like there’s a new data breach at a different retailer every few months,” Senator Addiego said. “If these kinds of attacks are getting to become a normal occurrence, we must put more protections in place to prevent consumers’ information from getting into the wrong hands.”

The bill, S-1913, establishes the Personal Information and Privacy Protection Act (PIPPA), which places restrictions on the way retailers collect and use personal information they receive when they scan a shopper’s identification.

While stores can still scan a person’s I.D. to verify their age or to prevent fraud, they will only be allowed to collect the person’s name, address, date of birth and card number. They will not be allowed to retain information related to how the person paid for the goods, if they returned an item or if they requested a refund. Additionally, if a person’s I.D. is scanned when purchasing an age-restricted item, their age cannot be stored.

Any information that is allowed to be retained must be securely stored, and any security breach of the information must be reported to any affected person and the New Jersey State Police.

“This measure will allow retailers to continue scanning IDs for things like fraud protection without collecting sensitive information that would make a data breach even more devastating for a consumer,” Senator Addiego said. “Any information that is taken will be stored more securely and kept away from hackers.”

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