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Senator Dawn Marie Addiego

Senator Dawn Addiego

Beck, Allen, Addiego: Goodell Must Be Fired; Urge NFL Owners in NJ to Lead

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New Jersey Senators Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth), Diane Allen (R-Burlington) and Dawn Addiego (R-Burlington) issued the following statement urging NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign or be fired by league ownership:

“Roger Goodell downplayed domestic violence and assault for nothing but selfish reasons, ignoring his responsibility to be a role model and a leader of men in a sport that is played or watched by people of all ages in virtually every American community, school and household.

“His neglect of ongoing domestic violence issues in the NFL — including but not limited to the Rice case — and inability to enact a no-tolerance policy set an unacceptably bad example for children, aspiring athletes and coaches across the world.

“We’ve waited too long to see some sign of definitive and corrective action by Mr. Goodell, starting with the admission that his self-serving inaction regarding domestic violence has been a mistake. By now, it would have been the right move for Mr. Goodell to step down from his powerful post to for once show people, young and old, that there can be no mistakes: hitting women and children is wrong and must not be accepted.

“There’s no indication that Mr. Goodell will resign, so NFL owners, starting with the two in New Jersey, must show him the door or be just as responsible for effectively fostering the spread of domestic violence by selfish inaction.”

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