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ACT NOW: Tell Senate Dems to Allow Veterinary Care for All Animals!

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A bill introduced by Senate Democrats will force New Jersey’s nonprofit veterinary clinics to close their doors to hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats – including all feral cats and shelter animals!

Under S-297, nonprofit veterinary hospitals across the state will only be able to offer spay/neuter services and lifesaving medical treatment to pets of people on public assistance. The prohibitive cost of medical care and drastic reduction of spay/neuter services will force countless animals into overcrowded shelters, where these innocent creatures will be quickly euthanized.

The Senate Commerce Committee may vote on this bill as soon as January 25.

You can send the message to Senate Democrats that they must STOP this deadly bill and ensure that ALL cats and dogs receive the medical care they deserve.

Tell them that veterinarians should be able to serve all animals.

Complete the form below to send an email to their offices. When you’re done, click the sharing buttons on the right to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about this page!

To: Senate President Stephen Sweeney
To: Senator Joseph Vitale
To: Senate Commerce Committee Chairwoman Nia Gill

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