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Latham Tiver

Posted on: January 31, 2024

Senator Tiver Calls Out Murphy for Misleading New Jerseyans


Senator Latham Tiver, a Republican member of the Senate Transportation Committee, criticized Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats for misleading New Jerseyans on affordability issues and waiting to approve toll hikes on New Jersey commuters until after the November election. 

"This is the latest example of election year gimmicks presented by Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats. Not only did the Turnpike Authority's budget process lack transparency, but it is more than obvious that Governor Murphy simply halted the increase until it was politically convenient for Democrats," said Sen. Tiver (R-8). "Governor Murphy has and continues to disrespect voters by misleading the public on his plans to address affordability." 

In October, weeks before the November election, Governor Murphy halted the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's budget which called for a 3% increase in tolls. Republicans warned that the timing of the administration's veto was simply political. 

In the weeks since Governor Murphy's State of the State Address — where he unabashedly championed a stronger, fairer, and more affordable New Jersey — his administration and Trenton Democrats have considered several tax increases on New Jerseyans, including: 

  • Increasing fares by 15% for New Jersey Transit riders to put a band aid on the transportation agency's looming $1 billion shortfall 
  • Reinstating the Corporate Business Tax Surcharge
  • Increasing New Jersey's Sales Tax

"It is abundantly clear that the Murphy administration says one thing to voters and then goes the complete opposite direction in hopes that no one will notice," Sen. Tiver added. "Increasing taxes during an affordability crisis is horrible policy, but disrespecting and misleading the public is even worse governance." 

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