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Carmen Amato

Posted on: January 26, 2024

9th District Legislators Amato, Rumpf & Myhre Receive Legislative Committee Assignments

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Assignments Include Budget, Appropriations, Financial Institutions, Military & Veterans Affairs

With the start of the 2024-2025 Legislative Session, Senator Carmen Amato, Jr., Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblyman Greg Myhre have received their legislative committee assignments by the legislative leadership.

Senator Amato has been assigned to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee and the Senate Higher Education Committee. 

“Taxpayers not only want to know how their tax dollars are being spent but also want a watchdog to control state spending as a means of providing tax relief which homeowners desperately need,” said Senator Amato.  “As a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, I’ll remain focused on ensuring that state funding is appropriated for those programs that are important to my constituents, including the Senior Freeze and ANCHOR programs.  My priorities will also include ensuring that our schools are properly and fairly funded, unlike the current rigged school funding formula which has proven to be a policy failure in need of swift reform.

“Protecting the autonomy of senior communities from common interest community legislation is a fight I took up in my early days as Mayor of Berkeley Township,” added Senator Amato.  “To put myself in the best position possible to prevent Trenton oversight from being imposed on senior communities, I requested and was assigned to the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee which is likely the Committee common interest community legislation will be heard first.  

Senator Amato went on to add, “Parents and students want institutions of higher education to provide the highest quality education.  It’s imperative that this education be available at a reasonable cost to families who do not want and cannot afford to incur heavy debt to obtain the degrees and experience needed by students to pursue their professional goals.”

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf will continue to serve on the Assembly Budget Committee, the Assembly Health Committee and will also be joining the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

Rumpf made the following remarks, “Providing property tax relief through fiscal restraint and proper governance continues to be a core priority for me in representing the interests of my constituents.  Serving on the Assembly Health Committee will allow me to remain focused on protecting patient rights, eliminating barriers to health care services and preventing increases in health care costs that residents as well as businesses cannot afford. 

“Veterans constitute a large segment of the 9th District’s constituency. To more effectively represent their interests, I requested and am thankful to be appointed to the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs’ Committee.  It is incumbent upon the state to provide the highest quality of services to our veterans and their families, which includes health care services as well as property tax relief.”

Assemblyman Greg Myhre has been appointed to serve on the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee as well as the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  

“New Jersey is a highly regulated state. We need to be smarter in terms of attracting businesses and capital investment so that we can provide a more competitive environment to improve the economic prospects of all residents” remarked Assemblyman Myhre.  “Instituting pragmatic insurance policies that consumers and businesses can afford is inextricably linked to promoting economic growth, which is why I am looking forward to serving on the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee.”

Myhre further added, “Serving on the Assembly Appropriations Committee provides a real opportunity to intensely advocate for common sense policies to control the state’s allocation of taxpayer dollars.  It’s no secret that many taxpayers in New Jersey would be living a better quality of life if not for the state’s crippling tax burden which continues to threaten the financial security of many residents, especially seniors.”