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Holly Schepisi

Posted on: January 4, 2024

Schepisi: No Accountability for Democrats' Manufactured Migrant Crisis


Senator Holly Schepisi (R-39) issued the following statement criticizing Governor Murphy and Democrats for failing to put New Jerseyans ahead of illegal immigrants as New York City's migrant crisis poses larger problems for the Garden State.

"We are witnessing the result of Biden's inaction on the southern border spill into sanctuary states like New Jersey where Democrat governors like Phil Murphy have put headlines over good policy. The Murphy administration has taken no accountability for consistently putting undocumented migrants ahead of caring for our vulnerable New Jerseyans. Now we know some undocumented people are staying in New Jersey and Democrats continue to provide those flooding across the border with taxpayer handouts and sanctuary protections.

This was a recipe for disaster from the start and now that the crisis is in our backyard, even Democrats are admitting we do not have the infrastructure to deal with the problem. We must ensure that we're taking care of New Jerseyans. There are too many issues like affordability, being first in the nation for unemployment, and affordable housing that we must solve. We cannot afford to overwhelm our already overburdened State by taking on New York's growing migrant crisis."

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