Encourage Virtual Hearings For New Jersey Transit's Proposed Rate Fare Hikes

Sign your name below to tell New Jersey Transit officials to include virtual options for members of the public to participate in hearings to discuss the agency's recent proposed fare hikes for public transit riders.

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  2. Why This Petition Matters:

    New Jersey Transit officials have scheduled 10 in-person hearings on their outrageous proposal to increase fares by 15% on public transit riders, however, they are not offering any virtual hearing options for commuters to dial in or attend online. 

    Offering virtual options for the public to attend public hearings is an important measure to ensure every concerned citizen has their voices heard. This is especially important for individuals who cannot afford to take time off of work, travel to attend the meetings in person, and those who have health related complications that would preclude them from being able to attend meetings in person. 

    Requiring all public comment to be in person, or relegated to written submissions dilutes the ability of concerned public transit riders to make their voices heard. 

    Please sign this important petition to tell NJ Transit officials to ensure that all members of the public have an equal opportunity to participate in the upcoming public hearings!

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