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Senator Diane Allen

Advisory: Allen to Lead National Foundation for Women Legislators’ Conference in Philadelphia

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Senator Diane Allen, Chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators, will be heading up the non-partisan foundation’s 76th annual conference in Philadelphia this week.

Sen. Diane Allen (center) was installed as Chair of the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) at a ceremony in the New Jersey Senate Chambers on March 17, 2014. (Press Release)

Hundreds of elected women, Republican, Democrat and Independent, from all across the nation will gather at the conference from November 19th to November 22nd.  The four-day conference will provide strategic resources to women leaders including a series of discussions on important policy issues in many different fields and will feature leadership preparation and media training.  As Chair of the NFWL, Senator Allen will serve as the face of the conference and perform various leadership duties. Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno will serve as the conference’s honorary chair.

“The foundation’s annual conference is an exciting time for hundreds of elected women of all backgrounds and political ideologies to come together to share ideas and learn together,” said Allen (R-Burlington). “I’m proud to represent New Jersey as Chair of the NFWL and look forward to joining the Lieutenant Governor and my colleagues from across the state and the nation in participating in this year’s conference.”

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos Renews Push to Allow Hunting for Working People

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With a prime hunting season now underway in New Jersey, Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) renewed his push for the passage of legislation that he sponsors to allow hunting on every day of the week, during established hunting seasons.

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Joe Kyrillos, S-699, would allow for hunting on Sundays during established hunting seasons. (Dave Menke/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

“I’ve heard from many hard-working constituents who work long hours Mondays through Fridays or Mondays through Saturdays due in part to the high cost of living in this state and they’re looking for a way to hunt and put some food on their tables,” Kyrillos said. “They deserve this legislation, which could also generate additional revenue for our state.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Transportation Commissioner Visits District 11 to Discuss Local Priorities

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Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini brought Department of Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox to their district to meet with local officials about transportation priorities in their towns. Eight towns from legislative District 11 sent representatives to discuss projects and needs.

“Commissioner Fox hasn’t been at the job long this time around, but he was immediately responsive,” said Beck (R-11). “He recognized the importance of meeting with the towns to get an honest feel of the condition of New Jersey’s infrastructure and the needs of those using it. The towns that came in were truly appreciative and the Commissioner’s staff was receptive and helpful. We’ve brought Commissioners into meet in years past and it is always a success.”

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos on the Passing of Robert Littell

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Senator Joe Kyrillos stated the following about the passing of his former Senate colleague, Robert Littell:

“No one I have served with has left a more lasting mark on New Jersey’s public affairs than legislative giant Bob Littell. He was a teacher and mentor to me and many others. Susan and I offer our condolences to his great family, Ginnie, Alison and Luke.”

Senator Tom Kean

Kean’s Statement on the Passing of Robert Littell

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean stated the following about the passing of his former Senate colleague, Robert Littell:

“Bob will never be forgotten as a tireless and universally respected leader who accomplished so much for the state of New Jersey and his home District 24. His legacy of service and bipartisanship persists in Trenton, after his 40-years in the legislature and serving our country as a U.S. Marine. I offer my deepest condolences and my continuing thoughts and prayers to his wife, Ginnie, their daughter, Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose, their son, Luke, and their entire family.”

Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho Statement on Passing of Former Senator Robert Littell

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Senator Steven V. Oroho (R-24) issued the following statement on the passing of former Senator Robert Littell today. Senator Oroho succeeded Senator Littell as the state Senate representative in the 24th District after Senator Littell retired after 40 years in the state Legislature which at the time placed him as the longest serving state legislator in New Jersey’s history:

“New Jersey lost a giant today. Senator Littell was universally respected because of his fairness and institutional knowledge, but most of all because he was a true gentleman. Even at the highest levels of state politics, he maintained his humble nature. He much preferred to be known simply as “Bob” as opposed to any political title. I considered him a good friend, neighbor and mentor. He leaves a lasting legacy on the state and most especially his beloved home county of Sussex.

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District 9

Heroin Epidemic Focal Point of Connors-Rumpf-Gove Initiative Passed by Assembly

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The State General Assembly has passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove that would strengthen State statutes for heroin offenses.

Legislation sponsored by Connors, Rumpf and Gove would increase penalties for certain heroin offenses. (Victor/Flickr)

Penalties would be increased under the 9th District legislators’ initiative (A-783/A-2831), for offenses involving manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing or possessing or having under one’s control with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense heroin by lowering the threshold quantities for crimes of the first, second, and third degree.

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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio-Sponsored Port Authority Reform is Good, But Why Do Dems Continue to Ignore DRPA?

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Senator Joe Pennacchio issued the following statement after the Assembly today passed legislation he sponsors reforming and bringing accountability to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey:

Sen. Joe Pennacchio questioned why Democrats continue to ignore accountability and transparency reforms at the Delaware River Port Authority despite advancing legislation to address those issues at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. (Kevin Burkett/Flickr)

“It’s all well and good that Assembly Democrats finally passed this needed reform legislation for the commuters and taxpayers of North Jersey,” Pennacchio (R-Morris) said. “However, as they patted themselves on the back today, Democrats in both houses continued to neglect South Jersey residents and the need to bring accountability and transparency to the Delaware River Port Authority.”

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Christie Signs Bucco Bill to Increase NJ’s Contingency of Volunteer Firefighters

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Gov. Chris Christie signed into law Senator Anthony Bucco’s legislation, S-1092, to reduce the amount of fire duty required to receive a firefighter’s certificate.

Gov. Chris Christie signed into law Senator Anthony Bucco’s legislation, S-1092, to reduce the amount of fire duty required to receive a firefighter’s certificate. (RTFD/Facebook)

“I thank the Governor for recognizing that we don’t just need to cut regulations in order to create more jobs, but we need to do so to keep families safe and ensure communities provide an adequate level of safety services,” Bucco said. “New Jersey has some of the strictest requirements for firefighters, which too often makes it hard for volunteers to continue their public safety service as they advance careers and grow families. This common-sense bill to ease requirements based on a firefighter’s proven expertise and past experiences makes it easier for them to stay on board and should help address the shortfall faced in some communities.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Receives “Woman of the Year” Award from State Troopers Coalition

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Senator Jennifer Beck was named the “Woman of the Year” by the State Trooper’s Coalition, a subsidiary of the National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF). The NPDF is a non-profit organization that provides important medical and legal support services to the law enforcement community, as well as several programs involving public safety and child safety programs.

Senator Jennifer Beck was named the “Woman of the Year” by the State Trooper’s Coalition at its 2014 Annual Awards Dinner on November 12, 2014. (NPDF)

“I was honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Beck. “I have nothing but the utmost respect and appreciation for our men and women working in law enforcement. Every day, they put themselves in potential danger to keep our communities safe.”

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