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Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Seismic Blasting Project in Atlantic Ocean Puts Environment, NJ Fishing Industry at Risk

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Consistent with their long-standing commitments to protect the environment and support New Jersey’s economically successful fishing industry, the 9th District legislative delegation is backing a legislative effort to stop planned seismic testing authorized by the federal government in the Atlantic Ocean near Barnegat Bay.

A graphical depiction of a marine seismic testing array. (Hannes Grobe/Wikimedia Commons)

Senator Christopher J. Connors has joined on to SR-72 and Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove have introduced the companion resolution AR-220 which urges the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to cancel all plans relating to the performance of seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean near Barnegat Bay.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos Hails Major Monmouth County Park Addition; Slams Port Authority for Reneging

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Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) issued the following statement commending today’s action that will add 90 acres of Aberdeen Township open space for a new 250-acre Monmouth County park.

“The Monmouth County Freeholders led by Freeholders Burry and Arnone, Aberdeen Mayor Fred Tagliarini and its Council together with the Baykeeper and the Monmouth Conservation Foundation have done a tremendous job to create this park, which was several years in the making due to unthinkable complications. They’ve set an example for the rest of New Jersey and its local governments by finding a creative open space solution that will benefit generations to come.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Editorial: Don’t Be Fooled by the Noise – PARCC Benefits Our Children and Future

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The following editorial by Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) on PARCC testing was published in the Asbury Park Press:

When I think about policies that affect education in New Jersey, I immediately think of fellow parents who want their children to live happy, healthy lives and to have access to countless opportunities. Our common dream is for our children to be provided with the best possible education to succeed in whatever path they choose: college or a career.

For students who attend college, poor preparation leads to remediation that drains their time and money. According to the 2010 Report of the Governor’s Task Force on Higher Education, approximately 70% of first-year students at community colleges took remedial courses, costing approximately $70 million per year in non-credit tuition at community colleges. New Jersey’s private colleges and universities reported that the annual cost for remediation was $21.6 million.

The costly truth is that many New Jersey graduates are borrowing money to pay for remedial instruction they should have received in high school.

Similarly, too many high school graduates who enter the workforce lack the necessary skills and knowledge to fill thousands of high-quality jobs, according to state business leaders.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Budget Officer Bucco: Let’s Complete Necessary Groundbreaking Reform

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Senate Republican Budget Officer Anthony Bucco (R-Morris) stated the following in response to this afternoon’s Fiscal Year 2016 New Jersey budget address:

“Every legislator, every hard-working resident, every job creator can be excited today that productive negotiations and compromise are once again happening in Trenton to ensure that state health and pension benefit systems can become affordable, sustainable and solvent for taxpayers and beneficiaries.

“This can be a dream come true: with the groundwork already laid out, the Christie administration, the state’s bipartisan, independent commission, labor unions and the legislature must now seize this opportunity to complete groundbreaking and necessary reform.”

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Senator Mike Doherty

Editorial: Why Are New Jersey Roads the Costliest in the Nation?

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The following editorial by Senator Michael Doherty (R-23) on transportation funding was published in the Times of Trenton, Express-Times and Daily Record:

There has been much discussion recently about a report on state highway systems by the Reason Foundation that found New Jersey’s roads to be the nation’s most expensive to build, operate and maintain.

A view of Rt. 12 in Hunterdon County. (Adam Moss/Wikimedia Commons)

According to that report, New Jersey’s state-administered highways cost taxpayers $2 million per mile, which the Reason Foundation claims to be 12 times the national average, three times the cost in the next highest state and four times the cost in New York.

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Senator Chris Connors

Connors Receives “Distinctive Alumni Leadership Award” from Stockton College

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Senator Christopher J. Connors of the 9th Legislative District was awarded the “Distinctive Alumni Leadership Award” by the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy as part of the 2015 Hughes Center Honors which recognized the achievements of five outstanding New Jerseyans.

Senator Connors (center) displaying the “Distinctive Alumni Leadership Award” he was presented by Dr. Edward H. Salmon, Chairman, Hughes Center Steering Committee and Chairman of Salmon Ventures (left) and Jennifer P. Young, Member, Hughes Center Steering Committee and Verizon External Affairs (right). (

Senator Connors received the award during a ceremony held at the Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club in Galloway on February 6, 2015.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Panel Passes Bucco Bill from New Jobs Package to Help Keep & Attract Employers

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The Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Budget Officer Anthony Bucco to help ultimately eliminate the actual reasons why employers leave New Jersey.

“Legislators and governors hear anecdotes as to why employers leave our state, and as a small business owner, I have considered leaving this state due to the high costs and oppressive regulations,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “But too often companies leave this state or shut their doors or lay people off without a full and detailed understanding as to all the reasons why. This legislation will provide state leaders with the answers necessary to correct the actual root causes of job loss here and, in turn, make New Jersey more attractive to job creators.”

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Senator Tom Kean

Committee Advances Kean’s E-Driver’s License Legislation

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The Senate Transportation Committee passed bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean to require the state Motor Vehicle Commission to study and make recommendations about implementing electronic driver’s licenses and mobile applications.

The NJ MVC would make recommendations about implementing electronic driver’s licenses under legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean.

“Whenever feasible we must bring public services directly to where the people are, whether that’s social media or mobile phones,” said Kean (R-Union, Somerset, Morris). “An e-driver’s license will be more convenient for the vast majority of residents, while making one of the most-used government services more efficient and less costly.”

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Senator Anthony Bucco
Senator Joe Pennacchio

Committee Advances Bucco, Pennacchio Bill to Facilitate Driver’s License Name Changes

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The Senate Transportation Committee has advanced legislation sponsored by Senators Anthony Bucco and Joe Pennacchio to allow widows to obtain a driver’s license with their maiden name, after the death of a spouse.

Legislation sponsored by Senators Bucco and Pennachio would make it easier for widows to obtain a driver’s license with their maiden name. (NJMVC)

“Widows endure enough suffering, complications and stress after the passing of their spouses, and with that in mind, forcing them to get a court order to change their name on a driver’s license is unnecessary and absurd,” Bucco said. “This is common-sense legislation to responsibly allow widows to resume the use of their maiden names without having to deal with layers of bureaucracy and jump through crazy hoops.”

“There’s no need for it to be this difficult for a widow to reclaim their maiden name on their license,” said Transportation Committeeman Pennacchio. “The current requirements are just another example of heavy-handed bureaucracy. This legislation provides a simple fix and will give spouses one less thing to worry about during what is certainly already a challenging time.”

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Senator Tom Kean

Senators Kean & Lesniak Unite Religious Leaders To Form ‘Faith Leaders Against Violence’

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Acting to educate and advocate against the proliferation of violent religious-backed attacks worldwide, Senators Tom Kean and Ray Lesniak on Monday announced the formation of a coalition of interfaith leaders from across New Jersey to create “Faith Leaders Against Violence.”

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (right) and Senator Raymond Lesniak (left) announced the formation of “Faith Leaders Against Violence” at a New Jersey State House press conference on Monday, February 9, 2015. (

The mission of Faith Leaders Against Violence ( is to join leaders from all faiths and denominations in one strong voice that delivers a simple message: religion must never be an excuse for violence. Through education, community based programming and demonstration, Faith Leaders Against Violence will leverage its access to members of all religions to promote a common voice against all forms of violence.

“Our coalition signifies the benevolent power of religion, spreading peace and good will,” said Senate Republican Leader Kean. “It shows that various faiths can and must unite to celebrate the common bonds that can unite diverse families, communities, states and nations. We are solidified across political party lines, geographic borders and belief structures to set a strong tone of peace, against persecution, hatred and violence by terrorists claiming to act in the name of God.”

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