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December 8, 2010
Job Creation Requires Bi-partisan Effort; ‘All-of-the-Above’ Approach

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Republican members of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today called on Senate Democrats to include complementary legislation from Republican lawmakers in efforts to spur job creation in New Jersey:

Senator Kevin O’Toole (R- Essex, Bergen, Passaic):

Unemployed New Jersey residents expect that we all work together to attract business and create jobs- regardless of our philosophical differences and political affiliations. The debate we had today in the Budget Committee is one that Republicans asked to start in January. I am hopeful that these efforts are just a starting point in the Legislature’s efforts to put New Jersey back to work and that other ideas that have been presented on both sides of the aisle will be included in further discussions.

Senator Michael Doherty (R- Warren, Hunterdon):

We took a good first step today in helping reduce unemployment, but it is just a first step and must go further. My colleagues and I have submitted countless proposals to reduce the tax and regulatory burdens on employers, retrain displaced workers, and refocus state economic development efforts. These bills are complementary to the Majority’s stated goal of job creation and deserve consideration as well.

Senator Dawn Addiego (R- Burlington, substitute cmte. member):

For too long our state has been hostile territory to job creators, and I’m pleased that the Budget Committee has taken the time today to try and make it easier to do business in New Jersey. However, no responsible proposal to put New Jersey residents back to work should be left on the table. I hope that the Majority includes additional initiatives proposed by Republican Senators on the agenda because unemployment knows no partisan boundaries.

Examples of Republican Job Creation Bills Not Acted Upon by the Majority:

S-543 (Kean, T., 1/12/10) — Economic Development Promotion Act

S-1020 (Kean, T., 2/4/10) — Expands eligibility under transit hub credit by broadening certain municipal qualifier provisions.

S-1850 (Kyrillos, 3/22/10) — Requires the Director of the Division of Taxation to study impact of State business income taxes on business out-migration, business formation, and employment.

S-1865 (Kyrillos, 3/22/10) — Provides a corporation business tax credit for certain investments in manufacturing equipment and manufacturing facility renovation, modernization, and expansion.

S-1914 (Kyrillos, 5/10/10) — Streamlines state and local permitting for businesses.

S-761 (Beck/Kyrillos, 1/12/10) — Revise Business Employment Incentive Program (BEIP) to remove grant caps for each new employee hired and give equal treatment to all businesses under the program.

S-79 (Doherty, 1/12/10) — Eliminate alternative minimum assessment under the corporation business tax.

S-976 (Allen, 2/1/10) — Allows free access to certain job training courses for employees affected by plant closings, mass layoffs, or transfer of operations.

S-2117 (Kean, S., /Allen, 6/21/10) — Creates New Jersey Senior Labor Task Force

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