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Senator Jim Holzapfel Senator Jim Holzapfel (R-10)
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August 10, 2010
10th District Legislators Co-Sponsor Bill to Reduce Fertilization Pollution in New Jersey Waterways

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Senator Andy Ciesla and Assemblyman Dave Wolfe and Jim Holzapfel are co-sponsoring legislation which establishes standards for the application of certain fertilizers, provides for certification of professional fertilizer applicators and regulates sale and labeling of certain fertilizers. 

The bill is aimed at reducing the pollution of the state’s water resources by establishing standards for the application of fertilizer to turf.  The goal of this legislation is to ultimately decrease the amount of pollutants entering New Jersey waterways particularly in the Barnegat Bay.

“Waterways such as the Barnegat Bay are suffering from storm water pollution from effects of using lawn fertilizer,” said Senator Ciesla.  “We understand that this is a serious issue in our district and by labeling and regulating the amount of chemicals residents use on their lawns it can better protect the Barnegat Bay and other local waterways.”

“The Barnegat Bay is enjoyed by many residents within our district and all over New Jersey and the pollution problem we are facing now is the result of years of run off from storm water which is linked to the fertilizers we use on our lawns and gardens each year,” added Wolfe.  “This pollution is detrimental to our state’s economic, aesthetic and recreational value.”

According to the bill, any professional landscaper would be required to obtain training or certification prior to applying any fertilizer.  The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University would be required to establish programs which include training and education in the proper use of equipment, the hazards and environmental impacts of applying fertilizer and the proper interpretation of fertilizer labeling information.

“By educating the public as well as professional landscapers on the effects these harmful chemicals have on our rivers, bays and ocean we hope to prevent further damage to our precious waterways and improve them for years to come,” concluded Holzapfel.

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