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June 8, 2010
Cardinale & O’Toole: Keep the Blue Laws in Place

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Senators Gerald Cardinale and Kevin O’Toole issued the following statement regarding a proposal to invalidate Bergen County’s “Blue Laws” to raise revenue for the fiscal year 2011 budget:

“Bergen County’s ‘Blue Laws’ provide the only day of relative peace and quiet for the more than 880,000 residents of the county,” Cardinale stated. “I believe that any estimated economic gain that will be realized by the elimination of the ‘Blue Laws’ is insignificant when measured against the higher quality of life that the ‘Blue Laws’ provide.”

“It would be a mistake to eliminate Bergen’s ‘Blue Laws’ for a short term monetary gain,” O’Toole continued. “Additionally, I believe that any supplementary tax revenue from retail sales in Bergen, on Sunday, would be partially offset by the losses of revenue in Essex and Passaic counties. The equation is very simple for me; less congestion, cleaner air and quality family time far outweighs a minimal revenue gain through the elimination of the ‘Blue Laws.'”

Any attempt to repeal the Bergen County “Blue Laws” will require legislation separate from any consideration of the State Budget. Senators Cardinale and O’Toole will oppose any legislation that eliminates the “Blue Laws” and urge that their colleagues do so as well.

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