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February 22, 2010
Kyrillos Says Senate Must Act with Urgency on Cabinet Nominations

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Senator Joe Kyrillos, a senior Republican senator on the Judiciary Committee, said he hopes that there are no further delays of hearings and votes on the governor’s nominees. The Senate Judiciary Committee adjourned today before a vote on the education commissioner’s nomination or selection of a date when the hearing will be resumed.

“The governor needs to have his team in place if government is to function smoothly,” Kyrillos said. “Delays make it more difficult for nominees to assemble their own teams and begin working on behalf of taxpayers.

“The Judiciary Committee was on target to get Cabinet nominations cleared by March,” Kyrillos said. “I am concerned about lengthy delays as we head into a long spring recess of the Legislature.

“All nominees deserve yeah or nay votes by the Senate before they dedicate themselves to the task of heading these large and complex agencies,” Senator Kyrillos said. “Republicans stand ready to work with our Democrat colleagues to expedite these hearings so that these highly qualified nominees can get started on the people’s business as quickly as possible.”

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