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January 29, 2010
Bateman Bill to Rein in Spending Abuses

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New Legislation Will Implement Seven SCI Recommendations

Senator Christopher (Kip) Bateman, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will introduce legislation Monday which would codify seven recommendations made by the State Commission of Investigation (SCI) to restrict the type and amount of compensation provided to local public employees. The recommendations were outlined in a report entitled, “The Beat Goes on… Waste and Abuse in Local Government Employee Compensation and Benefits,” released December 1, 2009.

“This bill is quite simply property tax control legislation,” Bateman stated. “Common sense makes obvious that public employee payroll abuses must raise property taxes.”

The seven recommendations codified into law in this bill are:

  • Establish Standards for Local Government Employment Practices
  • Establish Uniform Limits on Employee Leave
  • Eliminate Terminal Leave
  • Regulate and Control Severance, Stipends and Related Payouts
  • Restrict Allocation and Use of Compensatory Time
  • Require Employee Health Insurance Contributions
  • Ensure Public Transparency and Accountability

“For years the taxpayers have been crying out for relief from the state’s preposterously high property taxes, only to find out that local employees are getting paid to go Christmas shopping,” Bateman continued. “This legislation will obligate State Government to control the excesses of local government cronyism and favoritism and bring some measure of tax relief to families struggling to make ends meet.”

The text of the full report is here:

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