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Senator Diane Allen Senator Diane Allen (R-7)
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December 3, 2009
Allen Bill Lets New Jerseyans Help Their Military Families

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Senator Diane Allen, R-7, advanced her bill allowing taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to help members of the military and their families. The New Jersey Military Family Relief Fund would be financed with voluntary contributions from taxpayers. Taxpayers would be asked, as they file their tax returns, if they want to include a contribution or dedicate a portion of a refund to help military families in need of assistance.

“This bill makes it easy for good-hearted, patriotic people to help the most deserving families in our state deal with the stresses of overseas deployment and long terms of duty,” Senator Allen said. “It costs taxpayers nothing unless they donate, and it could mean the world to a military family that is making tremendous sacrifices for every American citizen.”

Senate Bill 1004 was approved by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee today. Senator Allen thanked her colleagues for moving the bill forward.

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