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June 30, 2017
Senate Joins Oroho to Urge Congress to Up Impact Aid for School Districts

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The New Jersey Senate has passed Senator Steven Oroho’s resolution urging the President and Congress to increase funding for the Federal Impact Aid Program, which provides school districts with additional funding to offset the loss of property tax revenue due to the presence of federally-owned land within the district.

Sen. Steven Oroho’s resolution urges the President and Congress to increase Federal Impact Aid for school districts that include federal lands. (Flickr)

The budget proposal currently before Congress would eliminate or reduce programs that “do not address national needs,” including federal impact aid.

24 school districts in New Jersey currently receive federal impact aid, including four within Senator Oroho’s district.

“The federal impact aid we get now is barely enough. Without it, school districts with federal lands will have two choices: raise taxes or cut programs and services for our kids. Either way, we lose,” Senator Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) said. “I think it is abundantly clear that we cannot afford to lose a dime of impact aid. I hope Congress will agree.”

Senator Oroho’s resolution, SR-98, respectfully urges the President and Congress to increase funding for the Federal Impact Aid Program to support school districts which include lands that are owned by the federal government, such as military bases or federal park lands. Assemblyman Parker Space (also R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) sponsors identical legislation, AR-202, in the Assembly.

Appropriations for the federal Impact Aid Program have consistently fallen short of the growing need for funding, despite the fact that many school districts have seen enrollment skyrocket.

Federal Impact aid only covers 60 percent of the cost educating federally-connected students, which forces school districts to make up the difference.

“We have a responsibility to make New Jersey more affordable,” Senator Oroho added. “A total loss of impact aid will harm thousands of kids in dozens of school districts, from the top to the bottom of our state. The burden shouldn’t fall completely on the shoulders of our property taxpayers. The federal government must pay their fair share.”

SR-98  passed the State Senate on June 29 and will now be sent to the President, Congress, U.S. Senate leaders, and the Secretaries of the Departments of Defense and Education. A copy of the resolution can be found here.

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