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June 26, 2017
Senate Democrats Block Beck’s Bill to Protect Victims of Gender-Based Wage Discrimination

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New Jersey Senate Democrats blocked the consideration of legislation sponsored by Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) that would offer financial protections to the victims of gender-based wage discrimination.

Senate Democrats voted to table Sen. Jennifer Beck’s legislation offering financial protections to the victims of gender-based wage discrimination. (

Beck attempted to move her legislation, S-2458, that would protect from taxation any awards or settlements related to claims of unlawful gender-based wage discrimination.

“New Jersey has one of the most aggressive, progressive wage discrimination statutes in the nation,” said Beck. “When such discrimination has been resolved, either through a trial or settlement agreement, our State furthers the victim’s mistreatment through aggressive income taxation of damages that have been awarded. I’m disappointed that Senate Democrats voted against the interests of women today.”

Beck’s motion to relieve S-2458 from the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee where it has languished without hearing was immediately tabled by the Senate Democrats in a party-line 21-16 vote.

“It doesn’t help New Jersey women to have strong pay equity laws on the books if we simply allow the compensation for their mistreatment to be taxed away,” added Beck. “Victims deserve every penny they are awarded for their suffering. Senate Democrats should be ashamed for putting the financial interests of the State over the needs of women who have been victimized.”

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