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May 18, 2017
Beck Speaks Out on Behalf of Military Children at NWS Earle & Local Taxpayers

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) testified today in opposition to a politically-motivated bill sponsored by Assemblymembers Houghtaling and Downey that pits local taxpayers in Tinton Falls and Colts Neck against each other.

Sen. Jennifer Beck testified that the politically-motivated bill proposed by Houghtaling and Downey is not a solution and will only further the divide between Tinton Falls and Colts Neck taxpayers, and military families on NWS Earle. (Google Maps)

“The bill proposed by Houghtaling and Downey will generate a civil war between the Colts Neck and Tinton Falls school districts, leading to costly litigation that will harm taxpayers in both communities,” Senator Beck said. “The bill wrongly puts the children of our military families in the middle of a funding dispute. This is purely a financial issue for these school districts, and we need to treat it as such in order to find a solution.”

The Assembly Education Committee reviewed A-4453 today, which would transfer the children of military families stationed at Naval Weapons Station Earle from schools in Tinton Falls to schools in Colts Neck starting in the Fall of 2017. The legislation was proposed by Assemblymembers Houghtaling and Downey in response to a decade-long fight between the school districts over who should educate children residing on Naval Weapons Station Earle. A 1988 statute sought by the Tinton Falls school board members serving at that time laid out the terms for sending the Earle children to the Tinton Falls School District.

“The fact is that the impact aid currently provided by the Federal government isn’t nearly sufficient enough to cover the cost of educating the children who live on bases, such as NWS Earle. This is a statewide issue. There should be no financial disincentive to welcoming military children to our schools,” Senator Beck added.

Senator Beck has put forward a thoughtful, substantive proposal (S-2903) that would ensure that school districts receive enough funding to educate children residing on military installations in the state, especially when federal impact aid falls short.

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