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May 2, 2017
Beck: Monmouth Taxpayers Deserve Justice

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) issued the following statement in light of news reports that the Monmouth County Prosecutor wouldn’t pursue criminal charges after an 18-month long investigation into Monmouth County Tax Board Administrator Matthew Clark.

The investigation reviewed allegations that Clark had a personal relationship with two companies working with Monmouth’s tax program. The Prosecutor’s office has made referrals to various state and county agencies for ethics and administrative review.

Following reports that the Monmouth County Prosecutor won’t pursue criminal charges against Tax Board Administrator Matthew Clark, Sen. Jennifer Beck called on state and county agencies to act swiftly to ensure taxpayers get the justice they deserve. (

“While the FBI and Prosecutor’s office may have decided there is not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges against the Tax Administrator, I call on the State and county agencies which have been referred this case to take action swiftly,” Senator Beck said. “Our residents have lost confidence in the Administrator and continue to demand a resolution. They deserve a prompt review into the ethics of his actions. Monmouth County taxpayers have waited long enough, they should not have to wait any longer for justice.”

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