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March 10, 2017
Bateman Applauds PSE&G’s Decision to Abandon PennEast Pipeline, Urges Others to Reconsider Project

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Following recent news reports that PSE&G plans to sell its share in the proposed PennEast Pipeline and abandon its involvement in the controversial project, Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman urged others involved with the pipeline to reconsider their support as well.

Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman applauded PSE&G’s decision to sell its share in the controversial PennEast Pipeline project. (PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC)

“I think this decision by PSE&G can be traced directly back to the overwhelming opposition by local residents who don’t want this pipeline cutting through their communities and damaging the environment,” Senator Bateman said. “It’s time for the other companies involved to realize that this project is unneeded and unwelcome.”

The proposed pipeline would carry natural gas on a 110-mile journey from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The 36-inch pipe could cut over the Delaware River and through some of New Jersey’s most beautiful landscapes in Hunterdon and Mercer counties.

Ever since the project was announced, Senator Bateman has stood alongside local residents and organizations that remain concerned about the damage it would do to the community. He applauded PSE&G’s decision and reaffirmed his commitment to finding alternative ways to improve New Jersey’ energy infrastructure.

“This news will only boost our spirits and strengthen our resolve as we continue to push back against the pipeline,” Senator Bateman said. “We must work with energy providers and local leader to develop a plan that helps the state meet its future energy needs without putting invaluable open space and property values at risk.”

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