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February 13, 2017
Senate Democrats Again Block Vote on Beck’s Pension Forfeiture Bill

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Also Block Vote on Beck’s Sick Leave Reform Bill

Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) continued her efforts to end the New Jersey Senate’s inaction on issues of importance to the people of New Jersey.

In a party-line vote, and for the second Senate session in a row, New Jersey Senate Democrats blocked a vote of Sen. Jennifer Beck’s bill to forfeit the pensions of corrupt public officials. (

Beck’s attempts to force full Senate votes on bills she sponsors to forfeit the pensions of corrupt public officials (S-1557) and limit payouts for accumulated public employee sick leave (S-2140) were blocked by Senate Democrats.

“For the past two Senate sessions, I’ve attempted to bring up for a vote my bill to forfeit the taxpayer-funded pensions of public officials convicted of corruption,” said Beck. “For the second session in a row, Senate Democrats have blocked a vote on my bill, essentially expressing their support for continued pension payments to corrupt individuals who have violated the public trust. It’s absolutely astounding.”

Senate Democrats also blocked a vote on Sen. Jennifer Beck’s legislation to end unlimited sick leave payouts for local government employees. (

“Six-figure sick leave payouts to retiring public employees can destroy town budgets and place an extreme burden on already overwhelmed property taxpayers,” added Beck. “Considering both Republicans and Democrats sponsor legislation that would address this $1 billion liability that’s on the books of our towns, it’s unbelievable that Senate Democrats won’t allow any of these bills to move forward. This type of reform is critical to protecting taxpayers.”

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