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January 10, 2017
Gov. Christie Signs Bateman’s Electronic Waste Management Act Expansion

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Governor Christie has signed legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman to significantly improve e-waste recycling efforts in municipalities and at statewide entities across New Jersey.

Gov. Christie has signed Sen. Kip Bateman’s bill to improve e-waste recycling efforts across new Jersey. (Pixabay)

“Providing free and convenient opportunities for e-waste recycling curbs a pervasive threat to the environment, public health and safety,” Senator Bateman said. “It will also generate significant cost-savings at the local level. We have worked for years to revise the Electronic Waste Management Act and I am relieved that we finally have a strategy in place to reduce the tens of millions of electronics that are discarded each year.”

Senator Bateman’s legislation, S-981, revises the Electronic Waste Management Act. Under the law, electronic manufactures are now required to provide convenient collection of covered electronics in municipalities and at all statewide entities across New Jersey.

The bill also requires manufactures to recycle their “market share” in weight of covered electronics instead of the “return share,” ensuring that the DEP has an accurate and transparent account of the actual amount of recycled electronics collected each year.

S-981 also updates current law to now include printers and fax machines in the recycling programs.

“Expanding the Act to include printers and fax machines is a landmark move that recognizes the need to reduce the more than 24 million hard copy devices that go unrecycled each year,” Senator Bateman said. “I commend Governor Christie for supporting this longstanding effort to ensure New Jersey remains a national leader in environmental protection.”

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