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Senator Joe Pennacchio Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26)
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November 14, 2016
Pennacchio: Elected Officials Can’t Choose Which Laws to Obey

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Calls for Passage of Ethics & Transparency Reforms

Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) renewed his calls for the passage of ethics and transparency reforms he sponsors following published reports in which a candidate for governor said he would ignore certain policies that he doesn’t agree with.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio called for his ethics and transparency reforms to advance following suggestions that elected officials could ignore enforcing laws they disagree with. (

“Elected officials have an obligation to operate within the law,” said Pennacchio. “The insinuation that someone might unilaterally choose to ignore the properly enacted laws of our state or nation as governor is insulting and dangerous to the democratic process.”

Pennacchio is the sponsor of numerous ethics reforms to increase government transparency and hold government officials accountable for their actions, including the Transparency in Government Act (S-112), DRPA reforms (S-120), expanding access to public meetings (S-1045) and others.

“We need to send the public a strong message that we won’t play political games with our laws,” added Pennacchio. “It’s time for the Legislature to advance long-delayed ethics reforms that would shed light on the process of government and hold officials accountable for their actions.”

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