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Senator Joe Kyrillos Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13)
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October 27, 2016
Kyrillos Statement on Assembly Passage of Comprehensive Ridesharing Legislation

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Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) issued the following statement in response to the Assembly vote on comprehensive ridesharing legislation in New Jersey.

Sen. Joe Kyrillos said that he stands behind legislation allowing residents to take advantage of safe and affordable ridesharing services. (SenateNJ)

“Transportation network companies such as Lyft and Uber have the potential to transform communities and provide people a path towards greater economic independence,” Senator Kyrillos said. “Neighbors help neighbors find rides where they need to go and a provide safe, affordable new transportation option, particularly in underserved communities. And all of this this creates needed flexible earning opportunities for local residents to make ends meet, feed their families, pay for school, and get around the city and state with confidence.”

“I stand behind this legislation because New Jersey needs a strong regulatory framework for ridesharing that will allow our residents to fully take advantage of the safe affordable rides ridesharing brings and the economic opportunities for drivers across our state.

“The safety of our residents is top priority and the majority of the legislature—along with the Insurance Council of New Jersey —agree that this legislation as is provides essential insurance coverage for passengers and drivers. In fact, over 40 states and the District of Columbia have already voted to approve and implement these insurance safety standards.

“We have spent over two years discussing this matter, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to pass this legislation, particularly my co-sponsor Sen. Sarlo and Senate President Sweeney. Passing comprehensive ridesharing legislation is in the best interest of New Jersey residents and will provide important economic opportunities and safe, affordable rides across the state.”

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