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October 13, 2016
Allen Bill Expanding Property Tax Exemptions to All Disabled Veterans Clears Committee

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) to ensure all disabled veterans receive property tax exemptions has cleared the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee. The bill, S-934, is also sponsored by Senator Chris Connors (R-Ocean.)

Sen. Diane Allen’s bill extends property tax exemptions to disabled veterans who live in a cooperative or mutual housing corporation. (DVIDS)

“A disabled veteran should not be excluded from receiving benefits because of a technicality in the law that is completely unjust and should never have existed in the first place,” Senator Allen said. “It is essential that we close this loophole and ensure that all disabled veterans have access to the property tax exemption they earned in service to this country.”

Under current law, disabled veterans who have been declared 100 percent disabled and own a condominium, one-family and or multifamily home are eligible for a property tax exemption. However, disabled veterans who own a co-op are not eligible for this exemption, even though they also pay property taxes.

Senator Allen’s bill, S-934, would extend property tax exemptions to disabled veterans who own a unit in a cooperative or mutual housing corporation, as long as it is the legal residence of the veteran tenant or their surviving spouse.

“A veteran who was injured in the line of duty never stops fighting,” Senator Allen added. “Those who have been declared 100 percent disabled will continue to face significant challenges for the rest of their lives. They shouldn’t have to fight to secure the same property tax exemption that other disabled veterans already receive. We owe it to our nation’s heroes to end this discriminatory practice as soon as possible.”

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