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October 7, 2016
Allen Votes ‘NO’ on Gas Tax Hike

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After voting ‘NO’ on the gas tax increase, Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) had the following statement:

Sen. Diane Allen voted ‘NO’ on the gas tax increase. (©iStock)

“Today I voted against increasing the gas tax by 23 cents per gallon. Unfortunately a majority of the legislators voted in favor of the increase, and sadly it will be going into effect November 1st.

“While there were some tax cuts in the bill that I could have supported, they were totally overshadowed by the massive 23 cent per gallon tax increase on gasoline.

“I want to thank everyone who contacted me on this issue. My already overtaxed constituents made it clear to me that they could not bear this additional tax.

“My vote today was a vote for them and all of New Jersey’s struggling families.”

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