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October 4, 2016
Bateman to Vote ‘No’ on Gas Tax Increase

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Senator Kip Bateman (R-16) announced that he will vote “no” on increasing New Jersey’s gas tax.

Sen. Kip Bateman will vote ‘no’ on a proposal to increase New Jersey’s gas tax by 23 cents/gallon. (

“I cannot in good conscience vote for a 23 cent per gallon gas tax increase,” said Bateman. “I’ve heard from too many of my constituents that this would be unaffordable. We all want safe roads and bridges, but the cost has to be reasonable, which this proposal is not.”

Under the current proposal that is set to be voted on by the New Jersey Legislature tomorrow, the state’s gas tax would increase by 23 cents per gallon, more than doubling from the current tax of 14.5 cents per gallon.

“Our state’s low gas tax is perhaps the only tax where New Jerseyans get a break,” said Bateman. “If this proposal passes, we’d go from having one of the nation’s lowest gas taxes to having one of the highest in one fell swoop. It’s just too much, too fast.”

Bateman suggested that controlling the state’s high transportation infrastructure costs should be part of the overall solution, as Senator Mike Doherty has proposed through S-1888.

“I agree with Senator Doherty that controlling costs has to be part of the solution,” added Bateman. “I think his legislation to analyze the drivers of our high transportation costs deserves consideration. Unless we address the cost side of the equation, we’ll have to keep coming back to taxpayers for more.”

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