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September 15, 2016
Senate Passes Bateman Bill to Protect Pollinating Bees From Pesticides

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Bill establishes a training course for pesticide applicators to help them avoid the impact of pesticides have New Jersey’s bee population

Legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman to protect New Jersey’s pollinating bee population was advanced by the New Jersey Senate.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Kip Bateman to limit impact of pesticides on the bee population has been advanced by the New Jersey Senate. (Flickr)

“New Jersey couldn’t be the Garden State without the hard work our farmers put in each year to produce a plethora of fruits and vegetables to bring to markets throughout the country,” Senator Bateman said. “But all that hard work would be for nothing if they didn’t have the help of our pollinating bee population. If we aren’t careful with how we spray our pesticides, our agriculture industry could be in big trouble.”

The bill, S-2078, requires the Commissioner of Environmental Protection to establish a basic training course for pesticide applicators and operators to teach them about how to avoid, reduce or eliminate the impact pesticides have on the pollinating bee population.

As Zika-related mosquito spraying starts to pick up around the country, reports have indicated that millions of bees may be falling victim to that same pesticide. In late August, an apiarist in South Carolina reportedly lost 46 beehives, totaling more than 3 million bees, just minutes after spraying began.

“Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses are serious risks to public health, and we should be doing anything we can to keep them from spreading,” Senator Bateman said. “This will help us keep mosquitoes at bay while minimizing any kind of harm done to our pollinating bee population.”

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