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June 27, 2016
Senate Passes Pennacchio Bill Protecting Access to NJ Transit for Riders with Service Dogs

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The New Jersey Senate passed legislation sponsored by Senator Joseph Pennacchio to prevent New Jersey Transit from denying a person with a service dog access to any vehicle.

Legislation by Sen. Joseph Pennacchio to protect access to NJ Transit for riders with guide dogs was passed by the New Jersey Senate. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Service dogs are not just pets,” Senator Pennacchio said. “They are highly trained assistants that help people with special needs to get where they need to go safely. This legislation clears up any confusion in our laws and protects access to public transportation for all who need it.”

The legislation (S-1379) codifies existing NJT practices to ensure they are uniform across every transportation platform in the state, particularly NJT’s Access Link service. Updating the laws protects those with disabilities against discrimination and grants them access to the same quality of service that everyone else enjoys.

“We want to make transportation go as smoothly as possible for people with disabilities,” Senator Pennacchio said. “Removing any obstacle they might have when boarding with a service dog can help us make that possible. I commend Senator Turner’s leadership on this legislation.”

The bill also established the Access Link Customer Service Group, which will be tasked with acting upon customer complaints.

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