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January 9, 2014
Allen’s “Moose’s Law” to Prohibit Animal Abusers From Working With Pets Advances

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A measure sponsored by Senator Diane Allen prohibiting those convicted of animal cruelty charges from working with animals was advanced today by the Senate Economic Growth Committee. Under the bill, S2220, an offender would also be prohibited from owning a pet for at least two years.

“Those cowardly enough to abuse an animal shouldn’t ever be able to hold a job where they’re in a position to endanger another family’s pet,” Allen said (R-Burlington). “Caring for a pet is a privilege and an abuse of that great responsibility has to be taken extremely seriously.”

Called “Moose’s Law” for a dog that died after being stolen from a Delran family and left in a hot car by a purported animal trainer, the bill prohibits anyone who is convicted or found civilly liable of an animal cruelty offense from owning, operating or working at an animal related business. Under the bill, employers must confirm with the Commissioner of Health that new hires working in contact with animals have not been convicted of an animal cruelty offense.

The legislation was introduced following Moose’s death in 2012. According to media reports, Moose jumped the fence of his family’s Delran home and was missing for more than a month before a woman returned the deceased dog to the family. The woman, who was sentenced to two years of probation, admitted in court she found Moose, sold him to a Pennsylvania family and then while training him for the new owners, left the dog in her hot car where he died.

“Moose’s death was a senseless act and a tragedy for his loving owners,” Allen concluded. “With this legislation hopefully Moose’s story will now help to protect other pets from handlers or owners who have a propensity for abuse,” Allen concluded.

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