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Tom Kean to Education Law Center: “Enough Already”

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union) issued the following statement responding to renewed threats of legal action against the state by Education Law Center Executive Director David Sciarra.

Mr. Sciarra’s comments followed the announcement by the Christie Administration of a $100 million commitment to address emergent school repair issues by the Schools Development Authority (SDA):

It wasn’t so long ago that SDA’s predecessor, the Schools Construction Corporation, frittered away $8.6 billion in money borrowed at taxpayer expense without much to show for it. This funding was sapped away from its intended purpose by mismanagement for which nobody was held to account.

School children are the ones who are short changed when money that is supposed to improve their learning environment is wasted by bureaucratic incompetence and political corruption.

Mr. Sciarra’s continuous threats of legal action are either willfully ignorant of the schools construction program’s shameful history, or deliberately neglect to take it into account. Whatever the case may be, he is showing profound contempt for the taxpayers of New Jersey.

Given all the past abuses in this program, a little diligence is not too much to ask in the interest of protecting the taxpayers and preventing another colossal waste of their money.

The Administration should be applauded for restoring oversight and accountability in school construction, not condemned in panicky, hyper-critical press releases.

Mr. Sciarra, enough already.

In an interview with The Star-Ledger (Rundquist, 3/13/12), Mr. Sciarra is quoted as follows:

“If they’re going to simply issue another vague list as a way to put off undertaking these repairs in a prompt manner, then we’ll have no choice but to litigate.”

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