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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Calls on Senate to Pass Permanent Interest Arbitration Cap to Protect Property Taxpayers

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Says Sunset of Critical Property Tax Stabilization Tool Will Lead to Big Tax Increases

Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) said that the New Jersey Senate must act to prevent the expiration of the state’s two-percent cap on interest arbitration awards to help municipalities control costs and prevent the recurrence of large annual property tax increases that were the norm before the cap was instituted.

Sen. Jennifer Beck called on the New Jersey Senate to protect property taxpayers by preventing the expiration of the state’s two-percent cap on interest arbitration awards. (

“We made significant progress in slowing the growth of property taxes in recent years through the passage of the two-percent property tax cap, health and benefits reforms, and a temporary cap on interest arbitration awards,” said Beck. “Unfortunately, the interest arbitration cap, a key component of those property tax stabilization efforts, is set to expire at the end of the year. If the Legislature fails to prevent the expiration of the interest arbitration cap, it’s likely that property taxes will begin to rise again at rates unseen since the McGreevey and Corzine eras.”

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Senator Diane Allen

Allen Lauds Governor’s Support for Addicted Moms & Infants, Vows to Continue Fighting for Increased Funding

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Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) today thanked Governor Christie for taking action to provide $5 million in funding for treatment for new mothers struggling with substance abuse and infants who are born addicted to drugs. Before the Governor unveiled his $200 million spending proposal this week, Senator Allen had requested an identical appropriation be included in the FY 2018 State budget.

Sen. Diane Allen vowed to fight for funding to support mothers and infants coping with addiction, and thanked Gov. Christie for including funding for them in his new spending proposal to combat the opioid epidemic. The funding in his plan mirrors an appropriation she fought for in the FY18 State budget. (Wikimedia Commons)

Specifically, Allen’s proposed FY 2018 line item would have appropriated $5 million for a competitive grant program administered by DHS to health providers treating infants born addicted to drugs. It was ultimately not included in the final budget.

“I fought tirelessly throughout the State budget process to convince the governor and Legislative leadership to make a solid investment in caring for infants and mothers who are coping with the disease of addiction,” Senator Allen said. “I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to see this funding included in the Governor’s new program to fight the opioid epidemic.”

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Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho Welcomes Opportunity on New Manufacturing Caucus

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As the newly formed Legislative Manufacturing Caucus undertakes its first meeting today, Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris) said he was ready to get to work to help make New Jersey a better place to do business.

Sen. Steve Oroho is a member of the Legislative Manufacturing Caucus. (Wikimedia Commons)

“This is an incredible chance for us to work on a bipartisan basis along with business leaders to develop strategies and policies that will invigorate our state’s manufacturing industry,” Senator Oroho said. “A strong manufacturing industry means more well-paying jobs for our residents.”

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Senator Tom Kean

Kean: NJ Should Compete in Amazon’s Search for Home of New HQ, Billions in Investment & Tens of Thousands of Jobs

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Says State Should Continue Long-Term Efforts to Keep Improving Business Environment

As part of Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean’s continued emphasis on creating jobs in New Jersey, he encouraged State and local officials to put together proposals to compete for Amazon’s newly announced headquarters, and to identify programs and policies the Legislature and Executive branch can improve upon to make New Jersey’s business environment more attractive over both the short- and long-term.

Sen. Tom Kean encouraged State and local officials to compete for Amazon’s newly announced headquarters, and to identify opportunities to improve upon New Jersey’s business environment. (Wikimedia Commons)

“New Jersey has benefits for businesses, employees, and their families that no other location in the country can match,” said Kean. “We have direct access to markets, capital, and culture being within an hour of two major cities, we’re home to one of the nation’s premier international airports, our schools and universities compete globally, our workforce is among the most highly skilled in America, and the Jersey Shore offers the best beach experience in the United States. There’s no reason that New Jersey should not compete for Amazon and every other business that’s looking for a place to locate.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Warns Drivers of Potential Gas Tax Increase, New Tolls & Toll Road Sale

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Group Pushes for Reconsideration of Failed Corzine Toll Plans

Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) warned today that drivers may soon face the triple threat of another gas tax hike, the addition of tolls on more New Jersey highways, and the resurrection of the failed Corzine plan to privatize the state’s toll roads.

Sen. Jennifer Beck at a roadside rally in Eatontown on June 21, 2016 to oppose a billion dollar gas tax increase. (Facebook/Jennifer Beck)

“Last year’s billion dollar gas tax increase may have been the first step in a long-term plan by some to massively increase costs on New Jersey drivers,” said Beck. “Left-leaning special interest groups want to add tolls to currently free highways and to resurrect the failed Corzine privatization plan that would have resulted in 800% toll hikes. I vehemently opposed the toll scheme when Governor Corzine first proposed it, and successfully mobilized residents to defeat that plan. I’m ready to do it again.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Applauds Move Towards Banning Fracking in Delaware River Basin

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) today applauded a Sept. 13th vote by the Delaware River Basin Commission to move forward with drafting rules and regulations for banning fracking in the basin. Beck has sponsored legislation establishing a moratorium on the practice of hydraulic fracturing in New Jersey.

Sen. Jennifer Beck said she is pleased that the Delaware River Basin Commission is willing to consider a permanent ban on fracking in the basin. (Flickr)

“I have heard from many residents over the years who are very concerned about the safety and environmental consequences of fracking,” Senator Beck said. “The Delaware River Basin supplies water to millions of people, including many families right here in New Jersey. Allowing oil and gas drilling anywhere near this area is a risk we cannot afford to take.”

“As a staunch advocate for keeping our waterways clean and contaminant-free, I am pleased to see that the DRBC is willing to consider a permanent ban on fracking in the basin,” Beck continued. “It’s the right call and I hope that the commission will follow through and enact these protections as soon as possible.”

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District 9

Connors, Rumpf & Gove Supporting Bill to Protect Seniors From Telemarketer Harassment

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Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove are putting their full support behind a legislative initiative to better protect consumers, most especially seniors, from telemarketing harassment.

The 9th District Delegation supports legislation to protect consumers from telemarketing harassment. (

Senator Connors is second prime and Assemblyman Rumpf and Assemblywoman Gove have requested to be added on as cosponsors to companion legislation, S-2461 and A-4209, that would establish a task force to evaluate and make recommendations relating to the cost and feasibility of implementing appropriate technology and other methods to reduce incidents of telemarketing harassment and intimidation of consumers in New Jersey.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Bucco & Fellow D-25 Legislators Visit Greystone to Discuss Safety Concerns

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Senator Anthony Bucco and Assemblymen Michael Patrick Carroll and Anthony Bucco (all R-Morris, Somerset), met with state officials on Tuesday, Sept. 6, at Greystone Psychiatric Park Hospital to take a tour of the facility and discuss recent allegations about safety at the state run facility.

Sen. Bucco and his fellow LD-25 legislators, Assemblymen Carroll and Bucco, visited Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital on Sept. 6 to discuss safety concerns at the state-run facility. (NJDHS)

“I’m glad we were able to relay the concerns brought to our attention about Greystone to Acting DHS Commissioner Connolly and her team in person,” Senator Bucco said. “The allegations were of great concern to all of us. We had a productive meeting and agreed that the safety and overall well-being of patients and staff are a top priority at Greystone.”

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Senator Kip Bateman

Bateman: Permanently Ban Fracking in Delaware River Basin

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Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Somerset, Mercer, Middlesex, Hunterdon) is urging the Delaware River Basin Commission to approve a permanent ban on fracking in the basin, following reports that the commission could vote on the matter this week.

Sen. Kip Bateman is urging the Delaware River Basin Commission to permanently ban fracking in the basin. (

“If we allow fracking in the Delaware River Basin, 17 million people could be exposed to contaminated water. There is too much uncertainty at the federal level right now to allow the temporary ban to expire without putting our own permanent protections in place immediately,” Senator Bateman said.

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck & Rice Say Pueblo City Inspection Shows Severity of Housing Problem

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) and Senator Ron Rice (D-Essex) said that a recent failing inspection score for Pueblo City in Newark shows the severity of the unsafe and unsanitary conditions that tenants are forced to live in at some rental housing complexes in New Jersey.

Sen. Jennifer Beck and Pueblo City resident Yanira Cortes during a tour of rental housing complexes in Asbury Park and Newark with Sen. Ronald Rice on July 11, 2017. (Facebook/Jennifer Beck)

The Senators learned that Pueblo City scored 10 out of 100 on a recent Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) inspection of the complex by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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