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O’Toole, Beck, and Singer Respond to Sweeney Remarks

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Senators Kevin O’Toole, Jennifer Beck, and Robert Singer issued the following statements in response to statements made by Senate President Stephen Sweeney that Governor Christie “prayed a lot” and “got lucky” that Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of New Jersey:

Senator Kevin O’Toole (R- Essex)

The people impacted by Hurricane Sandy do not have the time, nor the patience, for this sort of nasty partisanship. To baselessly accuse the Governor of New Jersey of praying for a lethal, destructive storm in order to boost his own political standing is just unconscionable. This is a new low even by Trenton standards.

Senator Jennifer Beck (R- Monmouth)

I can’t imagine anybody praying for what was one of the most horrific disasters to strike New Jersey.  There is no upside here, no amount of job creation can help replace what tens-of-thousands lost in a matter of 24 hours. Many homeowners and business owners affected by the storm will spend years trying to piece their lives back together.

Senator Robert Singer (R- Ocean)

As a legislator whose district was devastated by Sandy I am saddened that the Senate President has used this opportunity to politicize a natural disaster, and I am angry that he would accuse the Governor of wishing the loss of life and property on the people of New Jersey. That accusation is indefensible and an affront not only to the Governor, but to everyone impacted by Sandy, and reminds people why they are disgusted by government. The Governor may not belong to the same political party as the Senate President, but he is a good and compassionate man who has worked tirelessly for our state, especially in response to the storm.

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