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Senator Gerald Cardinale

Cardinale Says Corzine Shouldn’t Have Given Local Companies the Cold Shoulder

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Senator Gerald Cardinale, R-Bergen, said that the Corzine administration has put more than 200 New Jersey jobs at risk by not letting office supply companies bid on a multi-million dollar state contract. Seventeen local businesses now sell tens of millions of dollars of office supplies to the state.

They will lose the business on Sept.1 because the state has contracted with Staples Advantage, a Massachusetts company, to supply all office supplies. Vendors who now hold the contracts say they were given no advance notice that their contracts would not be renewed, nor were they granted the opportunity to bid for the state’s business.

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Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho: New Housing Policy from Corzine Can’t Wait Until Year-End

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‘We expect changes to our housing policy by the end of the year.’ — Corzine spokesman, responding to Star-Ledger questions about housing ruling.

Senator Steve Oroho, R-Sussex, Morris and Hunterdon, said an Appeals Court ruling this week has thrown community housing and job creation programs into chaos and made towns vulnerable to costly lawsuits at a time when every municipal budget is under unprecedented strain.

It’s critical that laws be passed immediately that will stop the harmful effects of this ruling from spreading to other towns and finally provide the state with a workable, sensible housing plan, Oroho said.

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Assemblyman Brian Rumpf
Senator Chris Connors

Connors & Rumpf Statement on Health Care Reform Proposal Currently Before Congress

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Normally, we don’t weigh in on federal issues unless there is a direct correlation to State government. However, we are forced to make an exception in the case of the ongoing debate on health care reform that Congress is currently engaged in.

As State Legislators we do not have the authority or the ability to vote on any federal health care reform bill. That said, we feel it necessary to explain to the people of the 9th District where we stand on the issue given that our office continues to be overwhelmed with letters from irate constituents who believe the proposal will detrimentally impact the quality of the medical care they receive.

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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio Urges Corzine Pension Officials to Release Details of Secret Deals

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Senator Joe Pennacchio, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, has sent a letter to the state Division of Investment and the chairman of the State Investment Council after reading an Aug. 20 news article that indicates that the state will not reveal where outside advisers have invested about $100 million of taxpayer and worker pensions. The article states that the outside advisers are former employees of Lehman Brothers, which the state is suing for $118 million in investment losses.

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Addiego & Rudder Call for Special Assembly Session on Eastampton COAH Case

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Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Scott Rudder today called for Speaker Joseph Roberts to convene a special session of the Assembly to discuss the impact of an Appellate Court ruling on affordable housing in Eastampton.

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Senator Tom Kean

Tom Kean Calls for Special Session to Review COAH Regulations and Court Decision Permitting Unfettered Development

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean today requested that Governor Jon Corzine call an immediate special session of the Legislature to review the COAH law and regulations adopted last year and to discuss the impact of yesterday’s Appellate Court decision on affordable housing.

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Addiego & Rudder: Appeals Court Ruling Is Confusing, Excessive

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Lawmakers Will Introduce Legislation to Protect Municipalities and Property Taxpayers in the Future

In light of an Appeals Court decision that is forcing Eastampton to build even more affordable housing units than required by COAH, Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Scott Rudder are drafting legislation to protect New Jersey municipalities and property taxpayers from overzealous courts.

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Senator Kip Bateman

Bateman: Corzine Must Speak Out Against Housing Ruling

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Our Communities, Our Schools, Our Taxes – Not Trenton’s and Not the Court’s

Senator Kip Bateman said he will pursue every possible legislative action to make irrelevant the absurd and outrageous appeals court ruling that towns can be forced to accept construction of affordable housing even when they have met the housing quotas imposed by law and regulation.

He urged Governor Corzine to speak up today in opposition to the ruling, which will cripple efforts to control property taxes, prevent school overcrowding and preserve vanishing open space in communities all across our state. He also urged Corzine to consider asking the attorney general to join in any appeal.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Bucco: Corzine Must Release Details of $6 Billion Contract

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Most of the Details of the Medco Pharmaceutical Benefits Deal Redacted

Senate Republican Budget Officer, Tony Bucco asked Governor Corzine, in a letter today, to release the details of a proposed $6 billion contract that will allow MEDCO to run the drug benefits program that serves 800,000 public employees, retirees and their families.

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Senator Kevin O'Toole

O’Toole: Corzine Needs to Inform New Jerseyans about Health of State’s Pension System

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Senator Kevin O’Toole, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement calling on Governor Corzine to report to the citizens of New Jersey on the health of the state’s pension system:

“Governor Corzine personally lobbied President Clinton to salvage tax havens for Enron, allowing the company to mask its massive debt for years under the cover of a legitimate investment, which the Clinton Administration sought to end,” O’Toole stated.

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