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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio: While New Jersey Moves Forward Towards a New Era of Prosperity, Illinois Remains Stuck in the Same Old Rut

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Senator Joe Pennacchio, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement regarding news reports that Illinois is preparing to raise state income taxes by 75 percent:

“Over the past year New Jersey has made remarkable progress under the leadership of Governor Chris Christie and Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean. The old pattern of tax, borrow and spend without limit, has been replaced by clear-headed fiscal discipline and restraint. New Jersey’s runaway state, county and municipal governments have been put on notice that more must be done with much less. New Jersey’s fiscal problems remain serious yet we have finally begun fix the structural problems underlying our yearly revenue shortfalls.

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Senator Diane Allen

Senator Allen Applauds Governor’s Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

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State Senator Diane Allen today issued the following statement praising Governor Christie’s focus on fiscal responsibility in his State of the State Address:

“New Jersey finally has a Governor whose actions match his words on fiscal responsibility. Governor Christie’s State of the State Address was heartening to those like myself who for years have sought to cap state spending and bring our expenses in line with what the taxpayers can afford.”

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Senator Tom Kean

Tom Kean: “Governor Christie’s Address Reminds Us of Unfinished Legislative Business”

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. (R- Union) today issued the following statement in reaction to Governor Chris Christie’s 2011 State of the State Address:

“The Governor has once again shown that he is willing to lead and make the difficult choices our state’s economy desperately needs. He laid out an agenda today that is precisely what the public demands: an affordable state government, property tax relief, the creation of permanent jobs, and the opportunity for every child to receive a quality education and to pursue a higher education. Senate Republicans stand shoulder to shoulder with the Governor for one reason and one reason alone: because his priorities are the right priorities for New Jersey taxpayers.

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Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho Applauds Christie’s Efforts to Make New Jersey Competitive Again

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Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Morris, Hunterdon) issued the following statement today following Governor Chris Christie’s 2011 State of the State address:

“Today, Governor Christie reiterated his disciplined agenda to push New Jersey forward and reignite our state’s competitive advantage to attract businesses and create jobs.

“By reforming New Jersey’s burdensome regulatory environment, enacting comprehensive tax reform and making government more efficient our state will become an attractive venue for businesses to locate, grow and once again create private sector jobs.

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Senator Bob Singer

Singer Responds to Governor’s State of the State Address

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Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean) issued the following statement today in response to Governor Christie’s State of the State address:

“In his speech today, Governor Christie highlighted the need to strengthen New Jersey’s job market, control property taxes, and set excellence as the standard for every teacher and student.

“Much has been accomplished on these issues over the past year with the passage of the 2 percent property tax cap, pension and benefit reform measures and cutting government red tape. However, more work needs to be done.

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Addiego Commends Christie’s Push to Make NJ More Affordable

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Senator Dawn Marie Addiego (R-Burlington) issued the following statement today in response to Governor Chris Christie’s State of the State speech:

“Governor Christie is building a new foundation for a smarter, more efficient government that offers more value for every dollar spent.

“During these difficult economic times, Governor Christie is putting forth the necessary solutions to help confront the hard choices New Jersey families face every day. By reining in government spending, lowering the tax burden and creating an environment of entrepreneurship and growth we are reinventing and reenergizing New Jersey’s ailing economic status and overall fiscal health.

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Senator Jennifer Beck

12th District Legislators Praise Governor for Efforts So Far, Stand With Him for Work Still to Come

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Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande were on hand today to listen to Governor Chris Christie’s first State of the State address in Trenton today, and join him in both taking pride in the accomplishments of the past year and steeling themselves for the work ahead.

“We have been working diligently with Governor Christie over the last year,” said Beck, “in order to rectify the damage that poor policy enacted by the Democrats’ eight-year tenure has caused our economy, and we have made real progress. In this time of economic crisis, there is still of lot of reform to be done. Job creation has been at the top of the Governor’s agenda, and he understands that the best way to create jobs and bring New Jersey back to a place of fiscal stability is to make our State a more affordable place to live and do business.”

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Senator Kip Bateman

Bateman Says Gov. Christie Has Improved the State of the State

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Praises Gov’s Accomplishments and Plans to Continue with Reforms

Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-16) responded to the annual State of the State¬†address that was delivered today by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

“It’s clear to virtually everyone that the state of the State is much better today than it was just a year ago. New Jersey, once notorious for its poor business climate and annual tax increases, has now become a national model for restoring fiscal responsibility and reversing government growth.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Sen. Kyrillos Reacts to Governor Christie’s State of the State Address

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State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R- Monmouth/Middlesex) offered the following response to Governor Christie’s 2011 State of the State Address:

“Governor Christie has shown the people of New Jersey what true courage and leadership looks like. After nearly ten years of leadership in Trenton that was long on politics but short on results, this Governor has laid out an agenda that is bold, direct, and puts the taxpayers first. That agenda will not be without its detractors: defenders of the status quo and those that believe political or survival is an end in itself.

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Senator Kevin O'Toole
Senator Steve Oroho

GOP Bills Streamlining Government Services Clear Senate

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Legislation a Result of Governor’s Red Tape Review Commission

Legislation sponsored by Senators Steve Oroho (R-Sussex, Morris, Hunterdon) and Kevin O’Toole (R-Essex, Bergen, Passaic) that would simplify and modernize the rulemaking processes for state agencies passed the Senate today.

“To make our state competitive again, we need to identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations that make it difficult for businesses to stay and grow in New Jersey, ” stated Oroho, a member of the Red Tape Review group. “This legislation will eliminate the regulatory bureaucracy that has hindered economic development and job growth and help put unemployed and underemployed New Jerseyans back to work. Both of these bills will improve the efficiency and consistency of the state’s regulatory structure without compromising public safety or environmental protection.”

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