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Non-Partisan Analysis Shows More than $30 Billion of New Jersey Tax Increases from 2002 to 2009

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The following is a recently received analysis from the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services that shows the total cumulative impact of tax and fee increases imposed between 2002 and 2009.

The analysis shows that the total cumulative increased cost to New Jersey’s taxpayers is over $30 billion as a result of tax increases imposed during the administrations of governors McGreevey and Corzine.

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Assemblyman Brian Rumpf
Senator Chris Connors

Connors/Rumpf Personal Watercraft Safety Bill Signed into Law

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors and Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf aimed at enhancing water safety measures for personal watercraft was signed into law today by the Governor.

The 9th District Legislative Delegation’s measure, S-1171/A-2736, will prohibit the operation of personal watercraft, commonly referred to as jet-skis,  above minimum headway within 100 feet of buoys or signs that mark the boundaries of a swimming area, the shoreline, persons in the water and residential dwelling units.

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Senator Bob Singer

Singer: Feds Planning to Push Medicaid Costs onto State Taxpayers

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Senator Bob Singer, the ranking Republican on the Senate Health, Human Services & Senior Citizen Committee, issued the following statement regarding published reports in The Hill that the federal government is planning to shift Medicaid costs to the states to help fund healthcare reform:

“A bipartisan group of governors is trying to stop the federal government from shifting the costs of Medicaid to the states. Sadly, the State of New Jersey has not lent its voice to the growing chorus of voices opposing this additional burden on already stressed state taxpayers.

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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio: State Auditor Analysis Shows that Federal Stimulus Money Lacks Oversight

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Calls Again on Corzine to Adopt Transparency in Government Act

Senator Joe Pennacchio, a member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, commented today on published reports that “there exists transparency or accountability risks in the financial reporting or processing of transactions.”

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Haines, Addiego & Rudder Legislation that Conserves Land and Protects Property Taxpayers Signed into Law

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Almost $20 million in Green Acres funding will be appropriated to the DEP to provide grants to acquire and develop lands for recreation and conservation through legislation sponsored by Senator Phil Haines, Assemblywoman Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblyman Scott Rudder.

The bill, signed into law today by Governor Corzine, utilizes $19,919,700 in existing Green Acres money for preservation and conservation.

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck, O’Scanlon & Casagrande Call for All NJ Legislators to Put Aside Partisan Politics and Finally Pass Real Ethics Reform

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Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, Jr. and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande today sent letters to every State Legislator requesting support and sponsorship of two bills that will address the existing loophole, which allows public officials convicted of corruption crimes to receive pensions for public positions they held that were unrelated to the crime committed.

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Senator Kevin O'Toole

O’Toole Congratulates Clinton for Securing Release of Reporters from North Korea

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Says Despite Release of Ling and Lee, More Needs to Be Done

Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-40) congratulated former President Bill Clinton for his successful effort to secure the release of two American reporters who had been imprisoned by North Korea. The reporters, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were pardoned and released following a successful diplomatic effort by Clinton, including a visit by the former President to Pyongyang.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Bucco: Corzine Marketing State Debt without Mention of $8 Billion Structural Deficit, Using Old Revenue Data

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Senator Tony Bucco (R-Morris), the Senate Republican Budget Officer, has issued a letter to Governor Corzine calling on him to revise marketing materials that encourage investors to buy $1.925 billion of short term New Jersey debt being sold in the coming days.

The marketing material does not acknowledge an $8 billion structural budget deficit and a more than $2 billion deficit in the State’s Unemployment Compensation Fund that have been estimated by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services. The marketing material also does not acknowledge that revenue collections through yesterday suggest a continuing slide in sales tax collections that could erode the State surplus for the current year.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

New Jersey’s Unemployment Rate Among Worst in Region — Again

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Senator Joe Kyrillos, a member of the Senate Economic Growth Committee, called on the Corzine Administration to reconsider its opposition to Republican proposals to revive New Jersey’s economy in light of the State’s rising unemployment rate, which is the worst in the region.

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Senator Tom Kean

Kean Shocked Corzine Sees Debt Warning as a Positive Sign

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Corzine Administration Claims Negative Rating Agency Action Is Good For New Jersey

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-Union) expressed absolute disbelief today that Governor Corzine’s administration issued a press release claiming it was a good thing that Moodys Investors Services placed New Jersey’s credit rating on negative outlook. In a press release, the Corzine administration is quoted as saying, “The affirmation of New Jersey’s credit rating by the agencies is a sign of confidence in Governor Corzine’s overall handling of fiscal matters in these historically challenging economic times.”

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