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Senator Gerald Cardinale
Senator Joe Kyrillos

Cardinale, Kyrillos: Governor’s Indecisiveness Puts Stimulus Funds at Risk

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Hearing Can’t Mask Absence of Leadership and Competence That Has Left 300,000 New Jerseyans Without Health Insurance

Senators Gerald Cardinale and Joe Kyrillos, Republicans on the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee, said the committee’s “upbeat” hearing on electronic medical records appears to have been orchestrated to mask the Corzine administration’s dismal record on health care policy. The senators pointed out that 300,000 fewer people in New Jersey have health insurance than when the Democrats led by Corzine assumed power in 2002.

In contrast, the number of uninsured fell in New York State during the same period. They also noted with frustration that Corzine has put $40 million in matching stimulus funds at risk by moving agonizingly slowly to implement plans for switching to electronic records in New Jersey.

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Increasing Crime Rate Should Prompt Governor Corzine to Halt Destruction of Camden’s Prison

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Burlington County Legislators Renew Their Opposition to Prison Razing in Light of State’s First Crime Increase Since 2001

State and Camden County officials still proceed with plans to destroy Riverfront State Prison, one of New Jersey’s newer prisons, for private redevelopment even though the state’s overall crime rate increased last year for the first time since 2001, according to state statistics released yesterday.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Maybe Corzine Will Pay Attention Now that Black Bears Are Running Around in Trenton

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Senator Tony Bucco called on Governor Corzine to support sound, scientific wildlife management principles now that a black bear has been sighted just a few miles from the State House in downtown Trenton.

“Now that a 300 pound bear and her cub were reported roaming about in suburban Trenton, perhaps the governor will come out of hibernation and admit his black bear management policy is an abject failure,” Bucco stated. “The governor and the commissioner of the DEP must authorize a bear hunt to bring this dangerous situation under control.”

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Senator Kevin O'Toole

O’Toole’s Call for Congressional Investigation into Release of Lockerbie Bomber Receives International Attention

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Senator Kevin O’Toole’s call for a congressional investigation into the controversial release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was covered this weekend by the London Daily Mail:

O’Toole’s remarks were cited in an article discussing a proposed British inquiry into the release of Megrahi, the only person convicted in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

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Senator Jennifer Beck

12th District Legislators to Host Blood Drive at the American Red Cross in Tinton Falls

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Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande will host a blood drive on Friday, October 2nd, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the American Red Cross, 1540 W. Park Avenue, Tinton Falls.

To make an appointment to donate blood, please call JoAnn Denton at 732-866-1695. If you have a question about donor eligibility, please call the donor health line at 1-866-236-3276.

Assemblyman Brian Rumpf
Senator Chris Connors

Connors & Rumpf Meet with DMVA on Warren Grove Drone Training Program

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Public Safety, Regional Economic Benefits Key Points of Discussion Raised by 9th District Delegation

Senator Christopher J. Connors and Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf met with Major General Glenn K. Rieth, the Adjutant General of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) regarding the training program being facilitated at the Warren Grove Gunnery Range to operate the Shadow 200 RQ-7 Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System, also referred to as drones or UAVs.

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Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho Says Corzine Must Speak Out Against New Threat to New Jersey Jobs

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Senator Steve Oroho, R-Sussex and Hunterdon, said calls for a federal tax increase that would bleed a whopping $100 billion from investments in private sector job growth would be disastrous for the economy of New Jersey. Senator Oroho said Governor Corzine has both the experience and the connections to help prevent passage of this job-killing tax on every single securities transaction, including those made by struggling, undercapitalized pension funds.

“Governor Corzine knows that we need to steer vital capital to the businesses that will create the jobs of the future,” Senator Oroho said. “This tax would take money from private sector job creation and instead use it to expand government.”

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Senator Kevin O'Toole

O’Toole Calls on New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation to Demand Probe of Lockerbie Bomber’s Release

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Terrorist Megrahi Killed 33 New Jersey Residents in Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103

Senator Kevin O’Toole (R-40) expressed outrage today at new reports that convicted Pan Am Flight 103 bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi may have been released from imprisonment by the Scottish government in exchange for favorable terms in a trade deal involving Libyan oil. O’Toole called on New Jersey’s congressional delegation to demand that an official inquiry be conducted by Congress to uncover the details of Megrahi’s release.

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck, O’Scanlon & Casagrande Say Coniglio Sentencing Is Another Reminder that Reform Is Needed

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Legislation Introduced in ’08 Would Prohibit Lawmakers from Directing State Funds to Employer/Client

As former state Senator Joseph Coniglio was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison today for using his influence to direct over $1 million in state funding to Hackensack University Medical Center, Senator Jennifer Beck, Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, all R-Monmouth, said the latest incarceration of a corrupt politician demonstrates the urgency to address ethics reform.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos Urges Gov. Corzine to Oppose Tax on New Jersey’s Financial Industry

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Senator Joe Kyrillos, senior Republican member of the Economic Growth Committee, urged Governor Corzine to use his influence with his union supporters and liberal Democrat allies to stop a proposed tax on New Jersey’s financial services industry. Liberal Democrats and leaders of the AFL-CIO, reportedly angry at the surging profitability of some investment banks, want to impose a tax on every stock transaction in the nation.

“As former chief executive of a huge Wall Street banking firm and a securities trader, Governor Corzine knows that this proposed tax could have tremendous negative consequences for New Jersey’s financial services industry,” Senator Kyrillos said. “I urge him to speak out against this job-killing proposal.”

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