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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck on Corzine’s Response to Rising New Jersey Unemployment

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“Corzine Is Delusional and Needs to Embrace Economic Development Proposals”

In response to Governor Corzine trying to spin good news out of today’s announcement that New Jersey’s unemployment rate increased from 9.2% to 9.3%, Senator Jennifer Beck (R- Monmouth Mercer), issued the following statement:

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Senator Jennifer Beck

RCAs: A Useful Tool for an Affordable New Jersey

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The following is an article by Senator Jennifer Beck that was published in the Summer 2009 Quarterly Magazine by the New Jersey Conference of Mayors

It cannot be denied that New Jersey’s Council on Affordable Housing was created with the admirable intention of helping resolve our State’s affordable housing problem.

However, the most recent regulations allow COAH to use faulty data to assign municipalities unwieldy affordable housing obligations and include new obligations of affordable housing based on on-going commercial development, and requiring a new affordable housing unit for every 16 jobs (deemed to be created whenever a commercial building is built or expanded), regardless of whether there actually has been any job growth.

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos: New Jersey’s Unemployment Rate Up Again While National Rate Falls

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Senator Joe Kyrillos, the senior Republican Member of the Senate Economic Growth Committee, issued the following comments regarding reports that New Jersey’s unemployment rate rose to 9.3% in July, the highest level in more than a quarter of a century.

“Jon Corzine’s record on job creation is abysmal. New Jersey’s economy was in decline long before the national recession took hold. Our unemployment rate remains higher than that of any neighboring state’s.

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Senator Tom Kean

Senate and Assembly Republicans Call on Governor Corzine to Convene a Special Legislative Session on Ethics Reform

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The Senate and Assembly Republicans today called on Governor Corzine to convene a special legislative session on ethics reform.

The request was made by the entire membership of both legislative caucuses in a letter signed by the 17 Republican members of the New Jersey Senate and the 31 Republican members of the New Jersey General Assembly.

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Senator Steve Oroho

Oroho: Investor Experts Agree Corzine Should Disclose Jobless Fund Deficit

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An executive at a fund that “purchased bonds in last week’s sale, said off-budget funds such as New Jersey’s unemployment fund should be detailed in a deal’s POS” (Preliminary Official Statement).

From Bond Buyer article on Republican Complaint Filed with SEC Asking for Honest Disclosure of the State’s Financial Condition

Senator Steve Oroho, a Republican member of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, said he doesn’t understand how the Corzine administration can call the Republican complaint to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission “frivolous” when respected professionals in the investment community know that the complaint raises valid concerns.

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Senator Anthony Bucco

Bucco: Corzine Administration’s Non-Response to SEC Complaint Appalling

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Senator Tony Bucco (R-25) reacted after reading the Corzine administration’s typically dismissive response to a Republican complaint asking the federal Securities and Exchange Commission to direct the Corzine administration to provide greater disclosure about state fiscal problems to potential investors in state bonds.

The treasurer’s office called the request for greater disclosure “frivolous” and refused to address the complaint’s underlying concerns in comments to potential investors.

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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio: Corzine Administration Dawdling Costly to College Savers

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Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) said he is frustrated that the Corzine administration is dragging its feet on reforms of the state’s NJBest college savings plan that would lower expenses for struggling middle-class families.

Representatives of Franklin Templeton, the administrator of the plan, met with the senator months ago and said that they would recommend lower fees and expanded investment choices that eliminate unnecessary risk for college savers.

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Assemblyman Brian Rumpf
Senator Chris Connors

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Responds to Connors/Rumpf Request for Release of Documents

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has responded to correspondence sent by Senator Christopher J. Connors and Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf in which the 9th District Legislators urged the NRC to make public specific documents pertaining to the tritium release at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station on April 15 of this year. Senator Connors and Assemblyman Rumpf stressed to the NRC the need for transparency in this process, if nothing else, to reassure residents living in proximity to the facility that there is no risk posed to the public.

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Senator Tom Kean

Tom Kean: Time for Democrats to Stop Blaming Past Governor and Take Responsibility for Their Actions

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The following is letter to the editor by Senator Tom Kean that was published in The Star-Ledger on Saturday, August 15, 2009.

Dear Editor:

If you read the Star-Ledger Opinion page on Sunday, Aug. 9, it’s possible you were left with the false impression that New Jersey’s credit ratings fell during the seven-year administration of Republican Governor Christie Whitman.

For the record, they didn’t.

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Senator Tom Kean

Tom Kean: Corzine More than 10 Months Late on Ethics Appointments

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean issued the following statement after Governor Jon Corzine named appointees to the “Governor’s Local Government Ethics Task Force.” It took the governor nearly 11 months to make these appointments after he created the panel with an executive order on Sept. 24, 2008.

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