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Senator Diane Allen

Senate Joins Allen in Urging Congress to Recognize Women’s Rights Hero Alice Paul

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A resolution sponsored by Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) that urges The United States Congress to recognize women’s rights hero, and New Jersey native, Alice Paul, has been passed by the New Jersey Senate.

Sen. Diane Allen is sponsoring a resolution that urges Congress to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to New Jersey native Alice Paul. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Alice Paul was a key figure in the women’s rights movement in the early 20th Century, particularly in the fight for women’s suffrage,” Senator Allen said. “She has been an inspiration for women throughout the years and remains an outstanding role model for many people to this day.”

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Senator Kip Bateman

Senate Passes Bateman Bill to Protect Pollinating Bees From Pesticides

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Bill establishes a training course for pesticide applicators to help them avoid the impact of pesticides have New Jersey’s bee population

Legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman to protect New Jersey’s pollinating bee population was advanced by the New Jersey Senate.

A bill sponsored by Sen. Kip Bateman to limit impact of pesticides on the bee population has been advanced by the New Jersey Senate. (Flickr)

“New Jersey couldn’t be the Garden State without the hard work our farmers put in each year to produce a plethora of fruits and vegetables to bring to markets throughout the country,” Senator Bateman said. “But all that hard work would be for nothing if they didn’t have the help of our pollinating bee population. If we aren’t careful with how we spray our pesticides, our agriculture industry could be in big trouble.”

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Senator Dawn Addiego

Addiego Bill to Protect Consumer Information and Privacy Passes Senate

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Legislation Sponsored by Senator Dawn Addiego (R-Atlantic, Burlington, Camden) to protect the privacy of consumers by restricting the collection of their personal information was advanced by the New Jersey Senate.

Sen. Dawn Addiego’s legislation to protect consumers from retail cyber hacks was passed by the New Jersey Senate. (©iStock)

“It seems like there’s a new data breach at a different retailer every few months,” Senator Addiego said. “If these kinds of attacks are getting to become a normal occurrence, we must put more protections in place to prevent consumers’ information from getting into the wrong hands.”

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Senator Kip Bateman

Senate Advances Bateman Bill for $20 Million in Lead Remediation Funding

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Mercer, Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex) to fund the remediation of lead contamination in public buildings has been advanced by the New Jersey Senate.

Legislation by Sen. Kip Bateman would appropriate $20 million for lead remediation in the water systems of public buildings. (Pixabay)

“We saw earlier this year in Newark and other towns across the state just how pressing our lead problem is,” Senator Bateman said. “We have to come up with a way to test the water systems in our public buildings, and if they have lead contamination, we have to find a way remediate it.”
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Senator Diane Allen

Bipartisan 10-Bill Package Would Implement NJ Supreme Court Panel on Domestic Violence Recommendations

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Senator Diane Allen and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg have introduced a 10-bill package that would implement numerous recommendations of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Violence. Chief Justice Stuart Rabner convened the committee in February of 2015 to review existing domestic violence laws, procedures and policies, and to make recommendations for changes to the system to better protect victims of domestic violence.

Sen. Diane Allen and Sen. Loretta Weinberg introduced a 10-bill package to implement recommendations of the Supreme Court’s Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic Violence. (©iStock)

Weinberg and Allen served on the panel, which recommended changes in an array of areas including education, training, resources for victims and adjudication and treatment of offenders. The legislative package would satisfy a third of those recommendations. Also serving on the panel were Assemblyman Troy Singleton and Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, as well as judges, advocates, representatives of academia, legal practitioners representing both victims and those charged with acts of domestic violence, and representatives of the New Jersey State Bar Association. The court is in the process of reviewing the panel’s report.

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Senator Tom Kean

Kean Bill Will Bring Global Market to NJ, Streamline International Arbitration

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The New Jersey Senate has passed Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean’s bipartisan bill to simplify the international arbitration process for businesses that choose to set up shop in New Jersey.

Sen. Tom Kean’s bill would streamline the international arbitration process, encouraging international businesses to set up shop in New Jersey. (SenateNJ)

“Companies that engage in global trade are searching for states with laws that allow them to pursue simpler, less expensive ways to resolve international disputes,” Senator Kean (R-Union) said. “Right now, only a handful of U.S. states have laws that facilitate a streamlined arbitration process. Enacting this law will establish New Jersey as a premier destination for international businesses and corporations who have the capacity to create thousands of in-state jobs.”

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Senator Joe Pennacchio

Pennacchio: We Don’t Need a Commission to Fix Unfair School Funding Formula

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Senator Joe Pennacchio (R- Passaic, Essex, Morris) issued the following statement about New Jersey’s School funding formula:

Sen. Joe Pennacchio called on the legislature to fix the state’s unfair school funding formula.

“Since entering the legislature in 2001, my and many of my colleagues’ overriding issue has been a fair distribution of the state’s portion of school funding. My children in my district are worth no less than any other child in New Jersey. I understand and accept that circumstances dictate additional aid for some school districts, mostly in our urban areas. I accept that. What I do not accept is a political education formula that is dictated more by a zip code and what legislative district a child lives in. This has allowed 22-percent of the state’s students in 31 districts to receive 60-percent of the state’s funds while the remaining 544 districts fight for scraps. It’s not fair and not acceptable.

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Senator Jennifer Beck
Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos/Beck Target Proposed Giant Monmouth Electric Line

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Senator Joe Kyrillos and Senator Jennifer Beck (both R-Monmouth) have introduced a trio of Senate resolutions seeking to prevent the construction of a controversial high-voltage transmission line through Monmouth County by JCP&L.

Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Sen. Jennifer Beck have introduced a trio of Senate resolutions seeking to prevent the construction of a controversial high-voltage transmission line through Monmouth County by JCP&L. (Flickr)

The “Monmouth County Reliability Project” would drive a 230-kV transmission line on 140-foot-tall monopole towers on a nearly 10-mile path from Aberdeen to Red Bank, cutting through Hazlet, Holmdel, Middletown and across the Navesink River with sight exposure to Fair Haven and Rumson.

“This project is no more welcome today than it was 25 or more years ago when JCP&L shelved it due to the blistering public opposition and other available options,” said Kyrillos. “Once again, we are calling on other federal and state regulatory agencies and officials to work with us to address the significant local concerns that have been raised by residents and to develop a reasonable alternative.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Hosts 10th Annual Dinner Honoring Rape Crisis Advocates

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Senator Jennifer Beck, (R-Monmouth) a former rape crisis counselor and longtime advocate for survivors of sexual assault, hosted an appreciation dinner on Sept. 14 honoring advocates that serve 180 Turning Lives Around.

From Left: Sue Levine, Coordinator of Victims Support Program; Anna Diaz-White, organization President; Sen. Jennifer Beck; Sen. Beck’s Director of Constituent Services, Shawna Sullivan; Nancy Frankie, Director of the Victim Witness Unit at the Prosecutor’s Office; Jo Ann Palumbo, Director of Program Services; and Tina Morgan, Assistant Coordinator of Victims Support Program (

“The advocates at 180 Turning Lives Around dedicate thousands of hours each year to helping survivors recover and rebuild,” Senator Beck said. “They are the comforting voice at a counseling session; the hand that guides a victim through a medical exam or grand jury hearing; and a lifeline for victims who dial the hotline at 3 a.m. in need of emergency assistance. This dinner and the donations we collect are the least we can do to honor the heroic work they do every day for local survivors and their families.”

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Senator Kip Bateman
Senator Tom Kean

Governor Signs Kean/Bateman Bill to Allow Wagering at Far Hills Race Meeting

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Legislation sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Senator Kip Bateman to allow pari-mutuel betting at the Far Hills Race Meeting was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie.

Gov. Chris Christie has signed legislation by Sen. Tom Kean and Senator Kip Bateman allowing pari-mutuel betting at the Far Hills Race Meeting. (Facebook/Far Hills Race Meeting)

The bill, A-1697/S-2394, authorizes the New Jersey Racing Commission to grant a special two-day permit annually to conduct a steeplechase race, and to allow wagering on the event.

“The signing of this legislation represents recognition of the Far Hills Race Meeting’s long history of supporting charitable causes and its positive impact on the region,” said Kean. “Wagering will expand the ability of the event to support local healthcare services and help maintain the viability of New Jersey’s horse farms.”

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