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Senator Diane Allen

Video: Allen Talks About “Right to Try Act” and Allowing Terminally Ill Patients Access to Experimental Drugs

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Senator Diane Allen (R-7) appeared on Comcast Newsmakers with host Jill Horner to discuss the “Right to Try Act,” which would allow terminally ill patients access to certain experimental drugs and treatments while they are still undergoing clinical trials. Allen is the primary sponsor of the legislation, S-2186.

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Senator Tom Kean

Kean Unveils New Senate Republican Jobs Bills at Bell Labs

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean toured the Murray Hill headquarters of Bell Labs with company President Marcus Weldon and unveiled new legislation to create jobs by fostering innovation in New Jersey.

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean toured the Murray Hill headquarters of Bell Labs with company President Marcus Weldon (right) after unveiling legislation on October 10, 2014 to promote innovation in New Jersey.

“Bell Labs is a tremendously successful asset for New Jersey and its economy, and I am proud to stand with Marcus and have his support as we seek to increase opportunities and create high-paying jobs with this new set of bills to foster innovation,” Kean said. “This legislation will help expand research and development efforts, as well as create greater avenues for success by linking higher education and business communities. These bills can open doors to help impressive employers like Bell Labs grow here and attract more job creators by showing that New Jersey is devoted to staying a force for innovation.”

“Bell Labs is a key innovation engine driving the global communications industry,” said Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs. “This initiative aims to ensure that New Jersey continues to be a leading player on the global stage and that our heritage of invention continues at Bell Labs.”

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Senator Jennifer Beck

Beck Introduces “Shyanne’s Law” to Require Mental Health Screenings for Convicted Animal Abusers

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Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) has introduced “Shyanne’s Law,” which amends the state’s animal cruelty laws to require convicted animal abusers to receive mental health evaluations.

Noting studies have shown that people who abuse animals are more likely to commit acts of violence against people, Sen. Beck has introduced “Shyanne’s Law” to require mental health screenings for those convicted of animal abuse. Shyanne is pictured above. (Tracy Stanton)

“I can think of few things more vile then when a human would bring violence upon an innocent animal,” said Beck. “Often incidents of animal cruelty will be quietly swept beneath the carpet or overlooked altogether. Those who would intentionally injure an animal must know that we do not take these crimes lightly. It is also in our community’s interest to identify the abuser and try to get them help.”

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

“Water Infrastructure Protection Act” Advances from Senate Budget Committee

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) and Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36) that would help to maintain water infrastructure and the quality of drinking water in New Jersey was approved by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

The “Water Infrastructure Protection Act,” S-2412, streamlines the process through which municipalities and municipal, county and regional utility authorities could transfer, sell or lease their water or wastewater assets to private entities.

“New Jersey’s ability to maintain our water infrastructure is critical to the health of our state’s residents, our economy and the environment,” said Kyrillos. “The challenges of maintaining and replacing aging water infrastructure can escalate quickly beyond the technical and financial means of government entities and taxpayers. Despite this, current law makes it nearly impossible to let those with sufficient resources and know-how to take over these systems and effectively address emergent conditions.”

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Whelan/Kyrillos Bill to Promote Safe Disposal of Prescriptions Passes Senate Health Committee

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) and Senator Jim Whelan (D-2) that would help prevent the abuse, misuse and improper disposal of certain prescription medications was approved by the Senate Health, Human Services & Senior Citizens Committee. The measure was introduced as part of a bipartisan effort to address prescription drug and heroin abuse that is spearheaded by the committee’s chairman, Senator Joe Vitale (D-19).

The Senate Health Committee approved legislation sponsored by Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-13) and Sen. Jim Whelan (D-2) that would require patients to receive information on the safe disposal of prescriptions to help prevent their abuse, misuse and improper disposal. (Wikimedia Commons)

“Unused or expired prescriptions that are left sitting in medicine cabinets create the potential for intentional or accidental misuse, and the improper disposal of medications can pollute water supplies,” said Kyrillos. “To prevent these dangers, it’s imperative that patients are given information on safe disposal when medications are first prescribed and dispensed.”

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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Senate Committee Advances “Drew’s Law” to Protect Children from Speeding Cars Near Parks

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Legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) and Senator Nicholas Sacco (D-32) that would allow for lower speed limits near parks where children are likely to be playing was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee.

The measure, S-2243, was introduced in response to the death of 11-year-old Drew Keough, who was tragically killed while crossing the street near Keansburg’s Forest Park on April 22, 2014.

Sen. Joe Kyrillos (R-13) and Joseph W. Pezzano display a t-shirt bearing the image of the late Drew Keough, following the Senate Transportation Committee’s approval of “Drew’s Law.” Lt. Pezzano, a long-time Keansburg police officer and Drew’s uncle, testified in support of the legislation to allow for lower speed limits in and around parks. (Full Size)

“Drew’s Law is a reasonable measure that gives towns and counties the ability to keep kids safe by lowering speed limits around parks at times when they are most likely to be present,” said Kyrillos. “No family or community should have to go through the pain and suffering that Drew’s family and Keansburg have gone through these past few months. Drew’s Law will help ensure that more of these tragedies never happen.”

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Senator Tom Kean

Kean to Unveil New Senate Republican Jobs Bills at Bell Labs

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean will be at the Murray Hill headquarters of Bell Labs on Friday to unveil several new bills to foster innovation, and in turn create opportunities for New Jersey families, residents, entrepreneurs and employers.

As announced on October 1, this “Fostering Innovation” event marks the beginning of Senate Republicans’ statewide rollout of a new six-tiered job creation and economic growth package, which will not cost taxpayers extra money and should easily attract bipartisan sponsors and support.

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District 9

9th District Delegation’s Initiative to Combat Heroin Advanced in Committee

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Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Christopher J. Connors, Assemblyman Brian E. Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne C. Gove that would strengthen state statutes for heroin offenses was released by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Under the delegation’s legislation (A-783/A-2831), penalties would be increased for offenses involving manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing or possessing or having under one’s control with intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense heroin by lowering the threshold quantities for crimes of the first, second, and third degree. Under the legislation the threshold for a first-degree offense would be lowered from five ounces to 2.5 ounces or more of heroin. For a second-degree offense the threshold quantity would be reduced to 0.17 ounces or more but less than 2.5 ounces of heroin. A third-degree offense would require a threshold quantity of less than 0.17 ounces of heroin.

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Senator Bob Singer
Senator Tom Kean

Kean & Singer Seeking Update from State Health Commissioner on New Jersey’s Preparedness to Respond to Ebola

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Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean (R-21) and Senator Bob Singer (R-30), the ranking Republican member of the Senate Health Committee, sent the following letter to New Jersey Health Commissioner Mary O’Dowd seeking an update on the preparedness of the Department of Health to effectively respond and protect the public should persons infected with the Ebola virus be identified in the state.

Following the breakdown of infectious disease protocols with the first domestic infection of the Ebola virus in Texas, Sen. Tom Kean and Sen. Bob Singer are working to ensure that the same mistakes are not made in New Jersey. The virus is pictured in a colorized transmission electron micrograph. (CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith)

Letter from Sens. Kean & Singer to Health Commissioner O’Dowd on NJ’s Ebola Preparedness

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District 9

Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Stockton’s National Rankings Even Better, Strengthening Its Role as Regional Leader

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Senator Chris Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove of the 9th Legislative District spoke of the impressive rankings of Stockton College in a well-respected national survey:

“For years, our delegation has supported and emphasized the critically important role Stockton College plays in the area, beyond serving as an institution of higher education but also a driving economic force that reaches into several South Jersey counties. Stockton has taken a more prominent role in steadily filling a position once held by the gaming industry that isn’t the dominating economic force it once was due to the closing of several casinos in Atlantic City.

“Not long ago, our delegation issued a statement boasting about Stockton’s national rankings. As Stockton and Galloway Township are in our Legislative District, we take great pride in the College’s achievements in continuing to provide an outstanding education to its students. More recently, we were elated to learn that Stockton’s ranking had improved from our previous statement.

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