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Senator Joe Kyrillos

Senator Joe Kyrillos

Kyrillos: “Judicial Panel’s Latest Decision in Goldman Case is Sheer Lunacy”

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State Senator Joe Kyrillos (R- Monmouth) today decried the decision of a three judge Appellate panel to overturn a lower court ruling protecting the custodial rights of Monmouth County resident David Goldman.

Goldman fought a years long and eventually successful legal battle in Brazil to have his son returned to the United States after his late ex-wife, Bruna Bianchi, absconded to her native Brazil with the boy, Sean. Bruna severed all ties to her former husband and father of her child, divorcing him and marrying a Brazilian man who sought to adopt Sean after his wife’s death.

Bruna Bianchi’s mother, Silvana, sought visitation rights in New Jersey Superior Court. Goldman opposed visitation unless several stipulations, including that Mrs. Bianchi end all legal actions pending in Brazil to have the boy returned to that country, were met.

“To any rational person, what Bruna Bianchi did by taking Sean to Brazil amounts to kidnapping,” said Kyrillos. “David, who is a friend and a pillar of the community in Monmouth County, has been through hell trying to assert his parental rights after being involuntarily separated from his son by the whims of his ex-wife, going so far as to obtain involvement from the White House and U.S. State Department.”

Kyrillos said that the Appellate Court panel’s reversal of Judge Michael Guadagno’s 2011 decision to deny a visitation hearing to Sean’s grandmother rewards his ex-wife’s family for unconscionable legal actions in Brazil seeking to once again separate David Goldman from his son.

“David Goldman is a victim, and the New Jersey Appellate Court is further victimizing him by reversing a common-sense decision by Judge Guadagno,” Kyrillos continued. “David is not asking for much, only that his rights as a father never again are ignored and that he never again runs the risk of losing his son to the Bianchi family.”

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