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Senator Jennifer Beck

Senator Jennifer Beck

Response from Senator Beck on S-992

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Senator Jennifer Beck shared the following response to inquiries she has received on S-992, an employer reporting bill:

Thank you for reaching out to my office on this important issue. To be clear, I am adamantly opposed to all forms of discrimination, and believe such attitudes have no place in our society. You should know I proudly support New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, which has prohibited wage discrimination on the basis of sex since 1970 (NJSA 10:5-12).  New Jersey’s law is recognized as one of the most rigorous, progressive and aggressive wage discrimination statutes in the United States. Additionally, I was a supporter of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which President Obama signed into law in 2009.

As you may know, some of my Senate colleagues attempted to override the conditional veto of Senate Bill S-992 on January 23rd. I could not support the bill as it would require every company, whether located in New Jersey or anywhere around the globe, to provide the age, race, gender, job title, and salaries of every single employee associated in any way with a state contract. Additionally they will be mandated to report any changes in employment status. Thus far, our research has concluded that New Jersey would be the only state in the country with such a provision.

Additionally, this extremely onerous provision would surely discourage businesses from bidding on public contracts, resulting in less competition and higher costs to every New Jersey taxpayer.

I am currently working with the Senate leadership on a compromise bill and also seeking the passage of my legislation S-2458 which provides a gross income tax exclusion for wage discrimination awards.

Please know that I am and always will be a tireless advocate for women and that I will continue to fight against discrimination in any and all forms.

Senator Jennifer Beck
11th Legislative District

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