Doherty: Planned Parenthood’s Endorsement of Child Trafficking in Undercover Video Must Be Investigated

Senator Michael Doherty today called on state and federal law enforcement officials to investigate an undercover video purporting to show an employee of Planned Parenthood in Perth Amboy offering advice to a pimp about how to cover-up his involvement in human trafficking and sexual slavery.

The Senator sent a letter to Attorney General Paula Dow asking her to investigate the undercover video. Click here for PDF.

The video from YouTube appears below:

Click here to view the video.

“This conduct is abhorrent,” Doherty began. “That this agency and its employees would implicitly endorse the trafficking and exploitation of underage sex slaves is beyond my comprehension.”

“It is more repulsive that this same agency has repeatedly asked the state and federal governments to fund its activities with taxpayer dollars,” Doherty continued. “I believe that the taxpayers of this state will want a full and thorough investigation of this organization and its activities.”

“In order to expedite an investigation at the state level, I am preparing a letter asking Attorney General Paula Dow to open an investigation into the involvement of Planned Parenthood’s employees in human trafficking and sexual slavery in New Jersey. I urge my colleagues in other states and at the federal level to do the same,” Doherty concluded.