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Senator Mike Doherty

Doherty & O’Scanlon: Red Light Camera Program Closed to New Towns

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Until Amber Light Timing Resolution, DOT Should Also Not Issue New Permits to Towns in Program

Senator Michael Doherty and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon said that it should be common knowledge at this point that the red light camera (“RLC”) pilot program is closed to new towns. The legislators reminded towns interested in the RLCs that the program is limited to 25 municipalities and all of those slots are currently full. Additionally, Doherty and O’Scanlon called on the Department of Transportation to stop issuing additional permits to towns already in the program.

“No local officials should be wasting their time, or their taxpayers’ money, continuing to pursue these flawed devices,” said Senator Doherty “With all the flaws that have been exposed in this program – and the fact that the program won’t be accepting new towns – it is totally irresponsible for any elected official to discuss entering the program.”

“We have proven that there are major flaws with this program and that these cameras are about money, not safety,” said O’Scanlon. “At this point any elected official continuing to seek admittance to this program is uninformed at best, and brazenly seeking to steal money from motorists at worst.”

Doherty and O’Scanlon also called for the DOT to stop issuing permits for new cameras in towns already admitted to the program.

“These cameras have been a debacle from the start,” said Doherty (R- Warren, Hunterdon and Somerset). “Until we have legislatively fixed the yellow light timing issue, the DOT should not be issuing new permits for cameras to towns within the pilot program.”

In late June Governor Christie suspended all but 22 of the 85 cameras in New Jersey after it was determined that the amber lights at those intersections might not have given motorists enough time to get through. Last month, after the supposed re-certifications, Assemblyman O’Scanlon hired an engineer to assess yellow light timing and found numerous blatant flaws in the system.

“These cameras have become ATM’s – Automatic Taxing Machines,” said O’Scanlon “While some local officials genuinely believed they would enhance safety with these machines, we now know that the entire program is flawed and designed more to enhance revenue than anything else. The DOT needs to do the right thing here and so do the townships,” O’Scanlon concluded.

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