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Senator Michael Doherty

Senator Mike Doherty

Doherty Launches Online Petition to Support Red Light Camera Ban

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Senator Michael Doherty (R-23), the sponsor of legislation that would result in the elimination of red light camera ticketing systems in New Jersey, has launched an online petition in support of the effort. The petition can be signed by visiting

“In the few days since my legislation banning red light cameras was introduced, the amount of support I’ve received has been overwhelming,” said Doherty. “People really dislike the cameras, but aren’t sure what to do about it. That’s why I launched our online petition to ensure that people can have their voices heard and be counted in their support of this legislation to prohibit red light cameras and automated ticketing systems.”

Doherty’s legislation, S-1952, prevents municipalities that do not currently use red light cameras from employing the systems, and would prohibit municipalities that already use the systems from renewing their contracts with the vendors that operate and maintain them.

Additionally, the bill removes the provision from current law that provides law enforcement with a 90-day time frame to issue tickets for violations of traffic control devices, including those generated by red light camera systems.

Doherty noted that it has become apparent that red light cameras are really less about safety and more about generating income from motorists for municipalities and the state.

“There was a story in the news today about a town in Ocean County that collected $1 million in fines over the past two years from a pair of red light cameras,” said Doherty. “It’s clear that towns have little interest in actually making intersections safer. They want violations to occur so they can continue collecting fines to prop up government spending. It’s an easy way for elected officials to justify bloated local budgets.”

The issue is also one of personal privacy and the right of citizens to be free to travel without having their every movement tracked in a government database, Doherty said.

“We shouldn’t accept this continual encroachment of our civil liberties that red light cameras represent,” added Doherty. “We shouldn’t accept a ‘Big Brother’ government that takes photos and videos of us and records our movements as we travel. If you agree, I encourage you to show your support by signing my online petition.”

Update: Less than 24 hours after launching, the petition to ban red light cameras has already been signed more than 1,000 times. Click here to sign!

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